I’ve been missing for a bit, but am still around. The frevolution has been kicking it, and I finally pulled the custom built pipe from my derbi race bike off so it doesn’t get destroyed by the streets (and fog) of SF. I got one of those fasmem pipes from treats and had to add a little bracket and trim my transmission cover a tad to get the fit. I had a little electrical issue (read: custom construction = melted headlight) and got a replacement that was creating some gremlins. Some crafty work and now all systems are a go. It doesn’t run nearly as well as it did with the simoni pipe, but a little tuning ought to help out. It does fit on nicely though.

Next up might be a throwback: decking out my clean newport with a gila/phbg ripper setup and mobbing that around town. The details are unclear, but I have a few kits sitting and I want something a little different for the city. I love the start 3 derbi motor but I don’t want to go all crazy with it and unfortunately am limited on gearing by preserving the puch swingarm/wheels. So I’m thinking simple e50 build on a nice base. Should be simple and fun to ride around. With some luck I’ll have a post or two about it.

Oh yeah, got another toy, but it still needs a little work. More on that later.


Remember Me?
July 30, 2012, 9:56 pm
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It has certainly been awhile, but I’m still kicking it. The new job was and continues to be busy, and my house doubles as a second job, BUT, I finally got a moped up here, so once I get some gas and 2t, I’ll be rocking the mean streets again. I spent the weekend freeing up a spot for a few bikes and some bench space, so the plan is to keep building. What’s next? Maybe the C5 or maybe a magnum. I want to build a pretty bike.

In other news, see a bunch of you this weekend in Seattle! Cuperteens assemble.

derbi dreams
February 6, 2012, 12:59 pm
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I know this is a recurring title, but this time its for real. The pinnacle of Derbi.

Packing some HEAT

January 18, 2012, 11:33 pm
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I came home tonight and found this rad beast in my garage. Its a magnum thats been modded to hold a huge battery pack and electric motor. All the moped elements are there (pedals, MikeThomas disk, freespirit seat, 5 stars) and it look sick. I guess it belongs to one a friend of my roommate, but they left and its past my bedtime, so the specifics will have to wait until my next encounter. In anycase though, wow!

pro mopeds
December 26, 2011, 11:18 pm
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Cuperteens do it right, the 1st time every time. In the shop and on the streets. Pros.

they all work!
December 24, 2011, 6:15 pm
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All my bikes that can run are ! Newport still needs a tube and the frev needs the 19t sprocket put on and the chain run, but still, 4 running bikes plus my bros tomos. The frev turned out pretty decent. It runs fine, brake light works, and a 55w headlight! The seat mount isn’t perfect but it looks pretty good. Changes will come later when its all dolled up, but for now I’d like to just ride it. I can’t wait to take it for a spin! Riding chappy around again was a blast, especially after seeing some kids scooting around the hood on a pair of fa50s.

December 22, 2011, 6:11 pm
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I’ve been working hard!

I got the forks swapped between the two bikes, a spoke on the rear of the frev, today we cut up the seat pan to get it to mount better (still not perfect but it is quite functional), I got most of the wiring in place, have the magnum running well, got a tail light and regulator, got a head for chappy, and so on. A few more little projects, namely finishing up the frev tomorrow (connecting wiring, throttle/cable, swap the rear sprocket, run the chain, hook everything up and then blast. I’d also like to get the limited mag on (blue up front looks funny) as well as get chappy buttoned up. I’d also like to get the Newport flat fixed, but that might have to wait till monday. I also need to replace the voltage regulator on my car, so hopefully that part is here tonight. Its crazy, getting these bikes working, getting prepared to move, finishing christmas shopping and hanging out with all my friends. I’m a busy dude!

Thanks as always to treatland, I ordered yesterday about noon and my parts were here in less than 24 hours. I don’t think anyone (except maybe amazon, sometimes) can match that service. Top notch!