derbi dreams?
May 22, 2009, 5:42 am
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Its been a tough day. 2 amazing mopeds so close yet so far. We will see what happens with them, but probably out of reach right now.

Gilarderbi is almost alive again. Well it is, but I had some not fun today with ignition, so I go back to stock tomorrow. I also need bigger balls and more patience. Stoppies! I’m also really good at using a timing light now, so thats cool. Matt’s bike is really fast, its going to rip. The polini ciao is really awesome… I’m looking forward to a 12 year old in moped class.

I bought leathers today. I hope that means what you think it does.


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I know what it means…

Comment by MFTravis

When I saw those bikes I thought to myself, “Cuperteens probably have the biggest mo-boners right now.”

Comment by Calvin

yea, it kinda stinks cause we’ve been talking to the dude since January about them. If only I had more money and space and time and everything.

Comment by cuperzacko

zack I really hope you race this time.

Comment by Freebird

twist and go

Comment by cuperzacko

I’ll see ya there.

Comment by Freebird

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