damage report portland moped rally blastered awwesome!
August 10, 2009, 8:04 pm
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my piston ring broke going like 30, stupid shit. Basically its all Capt. Fleet-Treats fault as he totally jinxed me, so not cool man! here is the damage:

but yea, portland was sweet. I almost won the derbi so that was rad. The rides were really fun, but peter was a whimp and didn’t reallly go the fastest, he was totally scared. Terry Dean is crazy on his nuts ciao. 63 i guess? Travis may be reliable, but whatever, super slow. It was cool meeting some people and hanging out with others. There were a lot of boobies hanging out all over the place which was sweet. Slightly less sweet were all the naked dudes. I guess its not a party if you don’t get naked or something. The only crappy part of the weekend was calvin getting a speeding ticket on the way home. bummer town! thanks cutters! awesome well organized super fun rally.

and for travis (and the world), the cockadile. We have shirts in the works!

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Man I love that logo, you guys are clever as shiiit! I hope you are paying royalties to the 12 year old who designed it.

Comment by MFTravis

Is it cool if I feature your blog on our website for a bit?

Comment by John

sure thing

Comment by cuperzacko

I’d like to take credit for some sort of voodoo, but I can not. Your polini was just a sub-atomic example of the inevitablitly of death and failure within the infinitely grand scale of the cosmos. Spread the word.

Comment by Cpt. F

Make the Cockadile shirts and sell me one for moped money!

Comment by Responsible Jon

save a few cuper-shirts for IRE!!!

Comment by kromagnum

Get me a master image of the Cockadile and we can get to work.

Comment by Calvin

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