derbi sell-off?
August 11, 2009, 8:57 am
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weird, I never thought this would happen. I don’t really want my flat reeder anymore. Its a cool bike but I’m just not that into it. It still needs a tad bit of tuning, but it doesn’t grab me like my magnum, or chappy, or magnum x, or others. Basically I’m over it. I’ve got my other one for racing, no need for two. I also saw Tom is selling one of his. So I guess we have too many derbis we are letting go a bit.

All that said, I worked on my buddy Mike’s TT and we made it was faster. It was doing 26 before, and he rides it basically everywhere, more than any the rest of us ride any of our mopeds. So today we put on a tomos 4p, and pulled a variator weight, and now it does about 35! Its amazing how 30 minutes can totally transform these bikes from meh to awesome. Still to come is 60cc’s of fury and a bigger sha. It should cruise 40 no problem, so he’ll get to school in like half the time. so sick!


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