my moped beliefs.
September 9, 2009, 5:27 am
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1. Puch Polini is the best cylinder you can buy

2. Derbi’s are great bikes with some of the best engineering out there. That said, they are finicky, and not always the greatest.

3. very few cylinders are too far gone to save. Both of my polini’s were seized (only 1 by me, barely), and both run amazingly

4. Electrical is the most important part of the tuning process

5. Go big or go home. This includes everything, be it carburetors, porting, etc. This does not include displacement. If a cylinder lacks a technologically advanced port-map, its menial speed advantages are unimpressive.

6. Michelin M29s is the best moped tire ever. I currently own 3 sets and am looking for more.

7. Hutchinson’s suck (as does all french technology)

8. The tecno boss isn’t a good pipe. The polini (see #1) is just the best cylinder. Its been proven the advantage of running a quality exhaust in all around performance.

9. Top speed is cool, but its ride-ability that counts. Thus the proma circuit is the best pipe (at least until I try a destroyer). The low end and mid-range is unreal, and perfect for around town riding.

10. expensive parts should make fast bikes. Most people just screw that up and don’t go very fast (see #4)

Ok, thats all. I should re-emphasize that french moped technology is pathetic, antiquated, and really just silly. There is no reason for all those moving parts, the bikes are heavy, fragile, and ugly (except the VLX). I don’t care if you disagree with me.


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Nice, I’m planning on a Proma Circuit on my next puch build, I’ve never had a Proma circuit, and I’m looking forward to trying it out.

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