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September 21, 2009, 12:20 am
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I want a variant revolution. Like really really really really badly. I’ve been scouring craigslist (all of craigslist) and I’ve seen one (in canada) for too much. So I’ve almost got a lead on one, or at least I know where one lives, so maybe I can entice the owner out of it, but it lives 3 hours from me (well 4 as I type this). So yea, thats tough. I’m going to be obnoxious in my search of one, so don’t get mad or hate my wanted ads. I won’t stop until I get one, and when I do, my SLE will be up for grabs. Help me find a revolution.


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When i got mine it looked just like that. With all the plastics and everything. I dont even know what i did with all that stuff. I think it went up to the squids with the rest of my shop. I’ll keep my eye out for you. Have you tried calling around to Derbi Dealers in the states? Sometimes they might have one used. These things for 50mph stock. Or try scooter rental shops in San Diego or miami. Now that i think of it. Miami dude!! There is a scooter rental place on every corner of the damn street. They are bound to have one of those.

Comment by Ben Jammin

yea i’ve actually found 2, just missed out on one back east, and there is another one up north, but a bit rich for my blood right now. I got that c5, and I’ve gotta build an e50 polini racer, so thats going to take the majority of my time/money for a bit, but yea, one day I’ll get a revolution.

Comment by cuperzacko

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