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October 24, 2009, 7:54 am
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So today I decided to begin pulling the derbi apart after the crank managed to bend itself up really good in atwater. I began pulling the polini, the ignition, and other stuff, but then matt came over with an impact, and I noticed I had another piston port motor (which managed to look brand new under the covers), so I figured I’d throw it on the variant. Upon pulling the sad motor I found this:

I dunno if that should worry me.

So I pulled the pulley, put on the little plastic guides for the swingarm mounts, and bolted the motor up. After about an hour messing with the stupid throttle cable and hooking up the electrics, I had a rad-tastic running derbi. The C5 pipe is certainly a nice touch, I’m sure you will agree. Its all stock, so its slow, maybe 30 on flats, 35 downhill, but whatever, it runs. I’ll probably phbg it, add cdi, and some other crap and I’ll have a sweet moped for around town. I think its awesome. Skid-zies and stoppies all over town. Oh yea, it’s got the super rare Spacetronic Ignition System. So rad!


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So did you ever fix the frame? I have a TT like this and am wond?ering what the best fix might be

Comment by Jesse Bechtold

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