November 29, 2009, 11:56 pm
Filed under: Projects

so not much got done. All mopeds were running at start of last week, now only derbi, soled (and the swinger of course) are. Magnum petcock broke. Chappy did something, probably just a fouled plug. Magnum X busted its master link, as did my brother’s tomos. So yea, now bikes are broken. I did happen to ship out vespino, as well as my peugeot frames, so the herd is finally scaling down.

I’ve got 3 weeks of chaos now, final papers, and finals. Not so fun. After, its going to be moped mania (plus snowboarding and drinking). I am (FOR REALS THIS TIME) going to do the ltd tank. Get the dash and everything build a pretty light setup. It WILL be done. C5 is going to get finished as well. It doesn’t need much, just tires, a cylinder (trading tom my gila for a 65 piston port cylinder), and some loving. Eventually it will be pretty with a fancy powdered tank, nicely painted frame and plastics, but not yet. MagnumX needs a throttle and a few parts for my phbg. Solex is getting a new rear wheel and tires. Then I’m done! Well maybe if I’ve got time I’ll build an e50 metra80 for the freespirit, but I kinda doubt it. I’d like to do race tech, but we’ll see. i need more time for that.

Ok, so yea, thats it. A lot of writing and not many pictures, sorry.

I’ll leave you with my little wall of shame.

It features 3 gila pistons, one polini piston, a korado piston, a 50 tccd and piston my buddy exploded, 2 clutch arms, and a busted clutch cover (came with my 1st magnum). The exploded clutch drum lives at 77, check it out sometime, its gnarly. Overall pretty tame for 3 years of ripping.

Don’t expect many, if any updates over the next few weeks. I’ll be living in the library having super fun times.


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