January 18, 2010, 12:50 am
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Almost 20k views, so I guess some people are reading my junk up here.

Updates are about to slow. School starts tuesday, so yea, not much moped fun. I’m still trying to see if some sort of race bike is feasible, most likely polini class, but no final decision yet. As always, too many mopeds, not enough time. Maybe one day my dreams of a running fleet of amazing bikes will come true. Ha!

I leave you with one of my favorites, MagnumX.

So often these little guys are butchered for their kickstart motors and the rest is left to rot. I picked mine up a few years back and originally did the same. I felt bad and put her back together. The original forks were bent, so the tubes were replaced with those from a grande. The tank was missing decals, so I scooped one up on MA buy/sell. The stock setup was pathetic, so I added a 65cc hero puch kit, 19 phbg and a custom pipe created from the stock magnumX header, a stock maxi cigar exhaust, a 65cc polini pit bike chamber, and a proma silencer. Its been regeared and tuned. It does about 45 and gets there faster than 90% of mopeds out there. With a ktm clutch its going to be insane. It has ripped on the track (and jumps in the infield) at the polini cup, and it survived a weekend of rally abuse in sacramento. Its a great bike with a lot of character. The one and only mini-magnum.


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I would love to have to MagnumXs. I had one way back in my moped infancy, and did part it out, as the forks were trashed. I need to atone for that by rescuing two more to have forever.

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20k reached!

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