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January 30, 2010, 3:12 pm
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not really much to say, but somehow whenever I bring anything to motomatic to powdercoat, it becomes a huge hassle for them. I went up thursday to kick it with some squids, and I found rafter working away on the fork tubes which happened to be factory powdercoated, and THICK. So yea, he didn’t seem happy about that. Then the tank got a hole in it during the blasting, so that has(had) to be braised shut. So yea, its never easy. I’m putting together my list of goodies I need from Handybikes and I think I’ve decided metra80 is going to be the way to go. This thing is going to be sweet!

Following motomatic, we rode around town a bit after eating some ranch with pizza on the side. Nate’s bumble-bee magnum is a work of art, his clutch setup is amazing. Pure blast all night long. I need to ride it next time. Tony’s bat was also pretty cool, custom pipe fits in really well. It was nice meeting people and fun to ride a moped. Sorry, no pictures, but you can imagine the awesomeness of a thursday night in Sacramento.


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Next time you post w/o pictures, I need 1000 words to describe it accurately. Thanks.

Comment by Responsible Jon

whats the story with nate’s clutch setup? are you phone ordering everything from handybikes or do you need a pickup? i’m not sure if i’ll be there soon, but some of the switchhandsignal guys might, they drive through there on their way to louisville/the races.

Comment by gabeb

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