boston built diablo

that may not be entirely true, but a few very generous Bostonians are making my diablo build that much better.

KHZ Daniel was very kind and sent some sidecovers my way. Handybikes was only selling the right side cover, so that was no good. I emailed Daniel regarding his spare covers from his amazing diablo build, and he was more than happy to part with them and send them my way.

Old mopedhead Ben, now a boston resident was also very kind in lending to the power supply of my derbi (possibly unknowingly at the time). Some kid bought his red Maxi N with a metra 80 and proceeded to seize it very soon after. Ben thought the cylinder was dead and sent it to me, giving me a shot at its rebirth. I’m pretty confident it will blast again.

So the c5 is slowly coming together with the help from many. I still need to order a few more decals and other misc. bits from Handybikes, and I also need to find somewhere to get the seat reupholstered (as well as flatten out the seat pan). So while its coming together slowly, the project is moving ahead. Seals are in route for the motor, but the crank is still a situation. I’ll figure it all out soon enough.


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