racing vs. not racing
February 8, 2010, 2:15 am
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I talked to tom a bit this weekend about racing, and I’m trying to figure out what to do. I want to race, but as noted, I have nothing to race. He is going to be making the derbi even faster (lots of horsepower) so it should be pretty exciting.

Apparently our buddy, the magical Mr. Naz has been building a pretty rad motor for tom. Well I might be piecing the rest together to make a moderate blaster. Something like 15hp, maybe more if we go bigger displacement wise, all with functional pedals. So I need to find something to put it on, and all the other bits to make it run. So yea, we’ll see what happens.


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I like watching your stuff come together before it comes back to you. Mr. Wizard does good work.

Comment by Responsible Jon

yup, going to need some more parts to finish it up actually!

Comment by naz

15 hp is quite the claim.

Comment by speedisclass

Oh, you better race.

Comment by speedisclass

what if I said it was with 50cc’s too? I dunno, its not my cylinder. I will likely be racing, but probably not competitively the 1st and 2nd races.

Comment by zack

I’d ask for dyno results and tell him to have fun with his scooter 🙂

Comment by speedisclass

Well, I think pushing the limits is better then being a negative douche-bag. My 2 cents for the day :-).

Comment by yup

Only one being negative here is you going around calling people a douche bag, moron.

Everyone here knows a revolution is a scooter motor, and with a scooter kit on it is definitely a scooter with pedals. that said I could really give two shits. I’ll definitely give him a hard time about it though.

Comment by speedisclass

didn’t you bash scooter kits on mopeds last season?

Comment by joey

na, that was motomatic and 77. I’m for it.

Comment by zack

moped parts 4 lyfe

Comment by terrydean

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