May 2, 2010, 1:55 pm
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Well I missed the races. I don’t know who won yet, but there were more people out there, so I may have been unable to cheat my way to victory this time. Our own Mr. Kho turned 21 last night, so the feasibility of waking early made racing an unrealistic option. Instead I’m editing papers, and planning for the future.

In other news, here is what I had planned to race. I don’t care about winning or losing, I just like riding the track. If the polini class didn’t want me I’d just ride open or twist-and-go. It is always nice to be around people about the same speed. I made a few changes from april, in regard to the gearing and pipe. Proma circuit is back on there with the 20t, so were I on the track (or around town), it downshifts into the powerband around just about any turn. Its really fun, but you can feel it hit a wall; I’m convinced its due to the header being of smaller diameter than my exhaust port. I still want to compare the selettra on there, and also throw the n8p back on and get stupid. 3am freeway gps runs sound appealing.

Depending on school/work, I may be able to get an e50 together for the june races, or maybe something else, I’ve got some plans.

Here is the derbi disaster. Motomatic powdercoated the tank and fork tubes, so now I need to put it all back together all pretty. I’m still debating on the cylinder, maybe metra80 or maybe bored out stock then ported. I want reliability, but also some speed. 45 would be ideal.

In other news, my funky a35 is amazing. Its from a revival, I can’t remember if I have pictures of it, but it was a turd. Certainly stolen, then recovered, then somehow made it out to california. Its an interesting hybrid, with electric start, the offset drive sprocket, but most importantly, tons of transfer meet, a-la a55. Not sure how this happened, but I’m thinking the metra might be a lot of fun on there. We’ll see when this happens, derbi and magnum (X as well) probably have priority, but we’ll see. Also, I found a set of 5-stars in my shed I forgot I had, sweet!


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ah, the famous 2004 A35.

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