May 11, 2010, 9:47 pm
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alright, so most of us think of jaywalking as a joke, harmless and all right?

Wrong. Jaywalking is dangerous. A few years back me and mr. supertino were crossing a major thoroughfare in cupertino, made it half way, then were greeted by an officer on the other side ready to cite us for jaywalking. $120 ticket.

Another cuperteen recieved a ticket (different street) walking from from 1 ❤ yogurt to armadillo willies on half-price burger day. Lame.

Well in berekely, allegedly the safest place for pedestrians (maybe not, I read it somewhere but now I can't find the article), I jaywalk all the time. In front of cops, behind cops, across intersections at 45 degree angles and so on. I've never had an issue. Now today I was walking to the market to get some milk and yogurt and I saw officer sideburns writing a ticket to some student, and he obviously looked flustered. It reminded me of the face I'd see all the time at De Anza where students would be pissed because they were cited for walking halfway across the intersection when the green arrow was going (still jaywalking). Anyhow, I got my milk and yogurt (which has HFCS, lame!) and mr. flustered is gone and sideburns is on the prowl. Some kid crosses the street and the officer tells him to stop, but like any normal person doing nothing wrong, the kid continues.

This upsets Sideburns, so then begins a hot pursuit. The kid runs around the corner with the officer close(?) behind. I laugh and think its over, but no, in classic benny hill fashion, this kid leads the cop on, around columns, across the street and back, in circles, and just out of reach of the cop (who is fat and really can't run, surprised?). At this point everyone on the street is in tears because you can't make this up. The kid then runs down the street (one way, he was running against traffic) and 2 additional berkeley squad cars come blazing up, followed closely by a UCPD car. They do another circle at speeds way to fast and officer sideburns is out of breath. What happened? Hopefully nothing, I hope the jaywalker got away.

To bring this full circle, on that faithful day I recieved my ticket, I always wondered why I didn’t just run. I was in the median and could have easily gotten away, but cupertino cops are rediculus, and will surround you from all angles when playing a fun game of tag, wiffleball, or other fruitful activity. Don’t worry, then run your IDs and make sure no one is a convicted fellon, Cupertino is dangerous. So if I would have run, I imagine the entire Santa Clara County Sheriff’s office would have been on our tails and I probably would have been shot.

Moral of the story: Don’t jaywalk, its dangerous.


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The ticket sucks. I got one for skateboarding, it’s 120 bucks too. Fuck ’em.

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