bold plans foiled
May 17, 2010, 4:25 pm
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Alright, so I intended to put the a35 on magnumx, the kickstart e50 on my freespirit and so on, but complications are arising. I figured all puch/tomos skirts were the same (except gila, metra and parma of course), but for some reason the hero puch 65cc cylinder catches and doesn’t fit. grrrr. Next, the brass bushing in the con-rod on my e50 is all blued up, slipping and ready to fail, so certainly not ready for race duty. So yea, now I don’t know what to do. I’ll probably just work on the c5 this week.


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I had a similar problem with that hero cylinder. I couldn’t fit the skirt into my korado cases. I got mad split the cases cause I thought I was going to have to bore it out a little but decided to measure with a caliper first. They measured the same so I bolted the cases back up and it fit. Not sure why it was catching.

Comment by Further876

I’m pretty sure the issue is with the stud holes. The were originally just over 6mm for a puch, but I drilled them to 7mm for the tomos but there is no wiggle room like most cylinders so the skirt catches the bottom of the cases. I’ll get it to work.

Comment by zack

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