pinto madness
June 9, 2010, 10:04 pm
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Today was fix the pinto day, and I didn’t finish cause it was my brother’s b-day and we had to eat ribs and eat cheesecake.


The bike was actually in great shape, well besides the ugly paint. Its not actually that bad, just faded and rusted and ugly. Someone thought it’d be cool to just paint everything, bolts, cables and wires included. At least they took the tank off and taped off the chrome. Good job! It’s kinda funny they went from nice orange to yellow.

Regardless, the thing had great spark, solid wiring, good compression and just the typical varnished carb. So I just attacked this the easy way: soaked the carb, checked the points, refilled the tranny, rinsed out the tank, replaced the petcock, cleaned up the wiring, and replaced the throttle cable. I hate throttle cables.

Finally got everything together and started 2nd kick with the choke on. It idles nice, and revs up really well. It sounds like its going to be kinda quick too! All the lights, switches and horn even work.

Tomorrow I’ll get some finished pictures after I pull the wheels off, clean the brakes, replace the tubes and put in new rim strips, and replace the drive chain. Maybe I’ll even polish it up a bit, but probably not. Then its time to blast! Oh, I HATE how high the stock seat sits over the tank. UGLY.


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It’s hard to see why the throttle cable needed replaced…

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