goodbye atwater, thanks polini
June 29, 2010, 11:55 pm
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So if you dudez didn’t hear, polini is pulling the plug on the polini cup. Sucks for sure. I suppose I’m part of the problem only racing 1 of the 3 weekends this year, but like just about everyone else, scheduling conflicts created a bit of an issue for me. I know a lot of people lost interest in general, and higher fees this year deterred others. It wasn’t exactly cheap, but for a weekend of fun I thought the price was reasonable. Fortunately racing seems to be thriving up in the oregon and washington, as well as in the midwest. I hate to say this, but I kind of think the level of racing scared some potential racers off. That’s not to say the current bikes and riders aren’t amazing, but when open class is filled with crazy tech and solid riders, its intimidating to enter. Dare I say moped tech advanced too much too fast for the mainstream.

That said, what has happened on the track over the past year and a half has been nothing short of amazing. All the regulars: Jeff, Tommy, Jimmy, Tony, Rafter, Dean, Pete, Alan, Rufus, Elliot, Dan, Lee, Craig, Nik and all the others who (I forgot) made it did an amazing job putting together crazy bikes and made for so much fun on the track, both to be a part of and to watch. I hope there is a revitalization of sorts, or at least the series continue strong elsewhere in the country. I still haven’t had a chance to build a real racer, but its something I’d like to do. I know just this past year more advances in moped performance have been made (at least in the US) than ever before. On top of the races, hanging out at the track was always a blast. A few races were amazing, with nearly all SF riders, plus LA, Sac, and others from elsewhere. Another had the fleet bus with cutters and mosquitos. Again, to everyone who made their way out to the races, thanks for making it memorable.

Goodbye Polini Cup, you will be missed.


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The longest bus trip of my life was on the way back from Polini Cup, and I’d do it again! Guess you just have to come race with us!

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sad face

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