July 20, 2010, 9:16 pm
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thanks for everything MFers and everyone else who helped make this past weekend awesome. Seriously, amazing moped rally ya’ll.

I usually don’t break mopeds but I did this weekend, 3 bikes a total of 4 times. Magdum blasted hard all day friday (16×36 gearing and n8p = amazing!!!), but then I got greedy, went for 20×36, got to open it up only once or twice before the clutches exploded. I say exploded in the most literal sense. Pads gone, spring out, coil busted and the little metal cover exploded. 2nd just lost its material. I’ll get some pictures somewhere. Next I managed to break Travis’s race hobbit twice. First time it went crazy and I was rocking it hot rod style before it bucked a few feet in the air and landed on its side, bending a shock. We thought we fixed it, I tried again and same thing, this time resulting in a busted fork leg. Sorry dude. Sunday I managed to break the decomp on my g3 after narrowly avoiding death.

So again, thanks, Seattle is amazing. I took pictures but left my camera at home in my rush to get to work this morning. I’ll steal some of sean’s when he uploads them.


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