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August 4, 2010, 10:10 pm
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I figured I’d provide a little photo essay of the past weekend.

I went home because I had to watch this guy

Meanwhile I took pictures of my 2 speed. Not looking so hot, but superblasto hooked up a za, so I’m gonna compile parts, throw it together and see if I can keep it going for a few days.

Around the same time, myself, jonko, mike, and JJ went and picked blackberries in an effort to make a pie. SOme were still a bit tart, but the pie was pretty solid. Don’t make fun of the crust, it was my first time in years making it all.

We played a lot of fifa, and I managed to kick the ball square in the tip and balls. Knocked him out per-say, then I managed to kick it into some girls face. She handled it better than tom. He almost broke some kid’s ankle. Futball is intense, but fun. Sorry, no pictures of damage done.

Oh yea, we also went bowling and Tom won, pissed me off. Some little high school skank pissed me off more cause she bowled 216 or something as some creeper watched on for a few hours.

Now I’m considering going to Oregon to race. It sounds fun, but realistically, its probably not going to happen. Sorry dudez, 20+ hours round trip, $150 in gas + race fees and no running bike makes it hard. Maybe some other time.


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Holy schneikes man you weren’t kidding. I have yet to take off the clutch cover to take a look see since its been a bit. After I built it I heard a rattling noise after blasting along and took it apart to see if I had screwed up the bearings or anything. Nope, everything was fine, I think I am hearing things. That was prolly 3-4 months ago. Woot WOOT!

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