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September 19, 2010, 9:36 pm
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kinda. My birthday is today, and I’m a bit tired. Not much sleep this weekend starting on thursday night (I made a mess), then even less friday (clean), and then tons on saturday, but I’ve been behind all week so I’m just sitting here now writing about this instead of raging more for my b-day. Nick took a few shots last night at the beer garden following an amazing bbq, thanks!

In moped news, I think I have a solid bike for the rally this coming weekend. I walked in my shed saturday trying to figure out my plan of my options. I could either keep the freederbi and tune it up, rebuild the za and put it on the magnum frame, or pull the kickstart off the freederbi, pull the hero puch cylinder and put my polini/n8p on there.

I obviously decided on the later as it was the least work, allows for the best breaks, the frame is registered and insured, and so on. Pulling and swapping everything was a breeze minus the chain. For some reason the 14t sprocket I have isn’t aligned just right, so the chain jumps just a tad bit every now and then. After spending a good 45 minutes trying different chains (and in turn wheels and sprocket combos), I ended up with a 420 chain with 2 master links. Its a bit janky, but it spins nicely, and even better now that its all lubed up.

The motor fired right up and runs well, but the low end is pretty pathetic. The 2 shoe in there is not all that great (I got it from rafter last year after I managed to stick mine on the magnumx), so paired with the n8p its a dog off the line. I’m geared 14×40 so it has a bit of speed, but in all this confirms my hatred for the e50. With the polini (mine especially), you get low end or top, so it stinks. I would put my proma on, but its almost cracked all the way around and my silencer was up in berkeley so tuning it wouldn’t happen. It works, and I think it will survive.

To ensure this, I got one of those rad temp gauges, and there are indeed awesome. I’ve still got a dull spot early in the range, but cruising at top speed down the street only got me up to 365. Cruising about 40 was running even lower. I know I could lean it out a bit, but might as well play it safe and be ready 150+ miles this weekend. It’ll be nice knowing when I’m in the danger zone blasting across the GGB.

Again no photos, sorry kids. Here is one. I live on frat row, so my friends and I made this for our rush events. Most people didn’t get it.


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is that an alpha-sigma-sigma!

good stuff.

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