moped rally (ceremony)
September 27, 2010, 5:56 pm
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this weekend was ceremony, presented by the creatures (you already knew this). What you may not know is that this rally was radical. I gotta thank Lee for putting us up at your house (big thanks for the tent), the breakfast, tools and superglue, and the sweet stoop to hang out on. I should also thank everyone else involved in planning and executing the rally. The rides were rad, the chase van was sweet, food solid, and party awesome.

My favorite parts of the rally:
1. Breaking down less than two miles into the ride friday, then getting in the van and drinking beer, towing travis alongside up the hill, loading bikes onto the roof, then having food waiting for me at in-n-out.
2. Finding out I blew a seal, getting a new one (treats thanks!), and gluing it in and it holding the whole weekend
3. Splitting lanes through the presidio tunnel; must have been chaos in the back of the pack
4. Going fast down the Great Highway
5. Blasting the Golden Gate Bridge
6. The no-motor downhill race. I left early, watched some people, then got in the mix and following Mike on his derbi (they blast everyone down hills), then looking back then forward and see that I’m in the ditch about to go down.
7. The best blackberry EVER in the ditch at the bottom of the no-motor race
8. Throwing a water balloon at the girls in Bolinas

Sorry, no pictures but Justin Tom took a ton on the back of Justin’s scooter, and Nick might have taken a few with his stupid phone.


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I updated my b-log with picks.

Comment by Nick K.

travis being pulled on my hobbit was kinda sketchy my bike had been through alot of crap friday and was all wobbles haha

Comment by AJ

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