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October 4, 2010, 1:16 pm
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not moped related (dur). Mopeds unfortunately are not allowed on BART, but that is certainly understandable. Nothing like combustible materials in the tube.

Anyhow, after a night and day of fun in the city, it was time to take BART back to Berkeley for school and what not. After the usual missing of the train and waiting 15 minutes, a 10 car arrived at Civic Center and we board. The rest of the SF stops are packed with the end of the Giants game (NO, you are not winning anything) and Bluegrass festival winding down. Our car is certainly packed after the final load boards at Embarcadero, with little room for anyone, let alone much fresh air.

Fortunately the eastbound tube is pretty nice right now. The ear splitting whine of metal on metal is actually only present about half way, so maybe they do take care of the tracks. We cruise through west oakland, and suddenly a woman falls to the ground and the crowd tries to part to make some way for her. She then begins a series of seizures as on-lookers panic, call 9-11 and inform the train operator. We arrive at 12th in Oakland, only to wait 15 minutes until firefighters arrive finally offering the woman some assistance from her now numerous seizures. The BART police are there, digging through her possessions, more diligently than I think was appropriate. I’m not sure what they were digging for because they had her wallet and ID out really quick.

So this is all going on, people are still panicking and depressed because no one likes seeing someone down and emergency response times that are pathetically slow. After waiting some time, I finally made it home, but looking at a 35 minute commute go to an hour an a half was irrelevant given the circumstances. BART is always an adventure.

I love learning about cities and how infrastructure is built, so here is an interesting piece on the history of BART

And some cool films from the late 60s (BART didn’t start service until late 1972, 73 to SF, 74 with transbay between Oakland and SF):


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You seem to have the worst luck with public transportation. Was Amanda still on the train with you when the lady was having seizures?

Comment by Nick K.

yep, she ended up just walking the rest of the way. I guess I’m used to it now.

Comment by zack

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