Return of the racers
October 25, 2010, 11:06 pm
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So pumped about this; racing is coming back, looks like it will start down in socal. I am not excited about the drive down there (worse than getting to LA, arHGHGHhhh, 7-8 hours god), but I figure 3-4 weekends of the year with 5+ people racing tight should be worth it. Plus with at least 1 cuperteen down, probably another or 2, its going to be a party.

Ya’ll probably heard about the ideas. There will be 2 main classes, one stock(ish), the other wide open. Within the open class it sounds like a few of us, including Christophe, maybe another Dagger, Matt, TerryDean, and maybe another random or 2 are going to be building some GR1 inspired french racers. air cooled50ccs, stock or polini cases, no clutch pulleys, and the rest pretty much open should make for some very competitive racing. These bikes would be out there with the rest of the open group, so regardless, it should be fun. The close proximity to LA ought to help as well because racing in Atwater was still at least 2 hours from the Bay or Sacramento, and about 5-6 hours from LA. Hopefully this will generate a good showing in the more casual class and also allow the open class to fill up with anyone with a kitted bike.

I’m gonna go peugeot because I have a pug frame and swingarm, at least one spare set of puch wheels, and all the other main parts. Stock cases can be successfully modified to work with just about any 50cc cylinder; I’m thinking Doppler or maybe malossi or … Really I have no idea . That with a phbg, er3, dopple pipe and maybe rigging my selettra up ought to move ok and be a lot of fun to ride.

My pug frame is rough:

So maybe if I don’t like it I’ll just graft the mount onto my freespirit/derbi frame and enjoy the track on a top tank.

I don’t have any money right now, So I’ll probably end up cleaning up and selling the g3. Its such a fun bike, and I know I’ll miss it like my old 5 star, but thats the only bike close to selling that should be able to finance the build of this racer.

Regardless, I’m really excited about this happening. Riding on the track is a lot of fun, and more so when its really competitive. Who knows how it will all happen as I’ll make little progress until the semester is over in the middle of december.


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You missed out on a wonderful racing season this year in Portland, congrats on your own league.

Comment by Responsible Jon

Hit me up if you you need anything special for racing. If it’s basic and for racing I would like to help out.

Comment by naz

so stoked more northern cali guys are into this than just myself!
lucky i have a small collection of parts, got the vlx frame and swingarm, er3, pug plastic pulley, maaaybe a wheel set? the motor i’m going to have to get all the parts for, though.
and unless i get a set of polini cases handed to me, i’ll be doing av10 cases for sure.

Comment by terrydean

Ahh phil, it isn’t that I didn’t want to be up there. It looks like you guys had so much fun. Somehow it just worked out that every race weekend coincided with a midterm or something else. In may that will all be behind me. Yay!

Naz, I’ll be contacting you as this gets closer and I acquire some parts.

Terry, its going to be rad for sure. Get Jimmy to commit.

Comment by zack

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