Moped Ride! (and cool shirts)
November 8, 2010, 12:50 pm
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I wanted to thank everyone who came out and made saturday’s ride so much fun.

We obviously got off to a late start with some late arrivers, a few pipe swaps, and some other little complications, but we finally got on the road just after 230. We found Mopedhead Andy waiting for us in Saratoga, and we rode up the hill. A few kids didn’t make it up (MATT), but we continued on, onto Skyline then down the super twisties on Alpine. Rob was ripping on his Monza, scrapping his pipe and all. We hung out at Alices for a few, and left when rafter finished his sandwich. Back down skyline then onto Page Mill, my favorite stretch of road. We ultimately arrived at Paul and Eddies where everyone seemed afraid of the locals. Pizza was served and everyone still there got crusty, custom Cuperteens limited edition cockadile Ts. We drank and had a grand ole time.

UPDATE: Check out our rad shirts. They come in many colors, all sized medium on misc cotton tees. Spraypaint on cotton. Machine wash cold, inside out, gentle cycle. A few left, we’ll ship some out in a few weeks if you want one. Maybe we will make more, possibly the right way.

Again, I’m glad almost everyone made it out, and that only a few people went down. I hope everyone heals up and joins us again, next time either on calaveras road or maybe in the east bay, in the hills. I didn’t take pictures, but I know people did, maybe they will pop up somewhere.

Oh yea, we are a little bummed we still aren’t official, but I think we will probably continue riding mopeds, at least for now. Maybe we will get east and make more friends so everyone can see the cockadile on the forums next to our names.

This is why I love california:


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Shit that’s a nice picture. I did indeed look at plane tickets for this event. Does that count for anything? As in; WHERE BE MY SHIRT? And yeah, not official this year. But hey, it took the Cranks three tries so maybe next year… Funny thing is you ended up with just about the same votes as the year before (67% last year and 62% this year). But yeah, really wish I could have come to this. See you in Richmond (tis’ the big one) this year dude bros!!!!!!!

Comment by MFTravis

You want a shirt, what size? These are super custom, maybe you won’t want one. We have a few left over, so hopefully medium is the right size cause that is all we have.

Comment by zack

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