Poor Minivan
November 29, 2010, 12:00 pm
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Our beloved 1999 Toyota Sienna minivan suffered a devastating blow 2 fridays ago as my brother drove to work so I could go pick up goodies from tony in Sacramento. Turns out their office had a moving company in to move one of their labs, and of course one of the big moving trucks backed right into it. We had the damage assessed, and of course it will cost more than its worth to fix.

We’ve had this van pretty much since we moved to california, so essentially most my memorable childhood. We would pack in and take it to the skatepark, to the mountains and snow, to school, field trips, etc. It’s hauled furniture between apartments and houses, from dorms to new apartments and back home again. It has transported countless new mopeds from their buyers to our shop, around town, to rallies and races. In 10 years of ownership it has never left us stranded. We cleaned it up real nice one last time for fun. We will miss you old van.

In other news, we brewed a kolsch for christmas, I got the derbi fired up, blasto is 23 (kinda), the snow was amazing on wednesday, and this weekend was amazing.


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i have a 2001 sienna which has pretty much the same story. been across the country twice, countless moped stains, random ski gear sprawled throughout. i love my van, may it live forever, as for yours, RIP.

Comment by rock no longer shredding pow

A van never dies, it just fades away.

Comment by Responsible Jon

is it more than just the pushed-in hatch? i cant imagine that would be that expensive!

personally, i’d rig it, but i’m kinda a bum like that.

Comment by Graham

yea it isn’t really terrible, if we were able to find a door in the same color it would be plug and play, but, we were just about to sell the van anyways, so the dude who hit it is buying it and we just got an outback for snow trips. Still sad but its all working out pretty well.

Comment by zack

you really can’t beat subarus, especially for skiing.

i think the best moped packing in them is handlebars flipped down, front wheel off. 3-4 bikes if you are crafty. (no magnumbz)

Comment by Graham

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