4 wheel racing
December 1, 2010, 12:10 am
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Over the break a few cuperteens as well as some not so long lost friends went go karting. There is this sweet indoor place about a half hour away, so we loaded up and got ready.

You get to wear funny race suits (probably not fire proof, dangerous!) and then you go out and blast. The first time around its crazy. Watching the karts look slow, but when you get in there and start mobbing its pretty intense. After 10 minutes some benchmark times were set by our SAE Autocross buddies from Cal Poly Pomona, so we all talked some big game and got back out there for the race. I knocked a second of my laps, but still fell 2nd to our friend frank I was 2 1/100s behind. GAAA, That dude is fast!

Its rad getting out there and picking the fastest lines through the track. Its got some tricky turns and finding just the right line really is tough, and being consistent is even harder. Everyone had tons of fun and after we went to the always fun Gourmet Haus for some quality German beer (by the boot if you are a lady under 5 feet tall!). We will be back over winter break better and faster and uhh, ready to WIN!

Did I mention we went to the snow? Holy heck! Wednesday was opening day, and with nearly 10 feet over the weekend it was one to remember. Only a third of the mountain was open, but it was fluffy (almost) bottomless and a crazy fun. I’m super pumped for the coming months.

Oh yea, I wanted to also say thanks cause more people visited my blog last month than ever (3000+ views). For some reason people check out the crap I post (and maybe even read some of it), so hopefully it is somewhat entertaining. Lemme know what you think of content. I can add more/less of whatever y’all want.


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