whoa, cool sunset
December 11, 2010, 6:39 pm
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I wish I had a picture to prove it. The sky was on fire, the nicest sunset I’ve seen in all my time here. So many colors, purple hills, a fine mist over the bay and in the air, it was quite majestic. It was a pleasant surprise after walking out of the library.

This is a few days ago. Today was better.

Oh yea, Matt and Sean came up today to go on JBots rad ride. They got here early and I had have to study, so we went on a quick ride up tunnel road cause sean never has. My bike ran really crappy but we made it. Switched to reserve at the top (again in the fog, really cool!), and made it down. The road was all wet and it was not very fun but whatever. At the bottom there is a really big hill on the opposite side, so we all tried to determine who was best by riding up as far as possible. Matt, being such a cool guy, riding his motorcycle, went really fast but then there was a lot of smoke and he came down grumpy. Apparently he blew his valve cover gasket (he was wrenching yesterday, pinched it). So he had to ride back with a really oily tire and an angry face. Then we went to cheeseboard which made things better.

UPDATE, here is a shot of today’s. A little late in the process, but here is one from a bit further north. Pretty rad!


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Wow, I miss those shots

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