g3 customz

So I need to get my g3 all spruced up because I never have and it was having some issues, so now is the time. I began going over everything and started to figure out what needs what. Clearly it needs a good cleaning, re-sealing of all the gaskets, new fluids, a new brake cable, the decomp sealed and some other misc stuff to make it all pretty and awesome.

While messing with some electrical stuff I realized how stupid the lower side covers are because there is a 4 inch gap between each some the top of the motor, the lower frame rails and wiring are all exposed. No good. So with Matt over I had to devise a quick plan to fix it. I found a black tray and measured it all out but I didn’t have any way to cut it out. Matt has a band saw but I knew I wouldn’t get it right the first try, so I devised a ghetto-fabulous rig of a hand operated scroll saw upside down in my vice. Super sketch but it worked.

I cut it all out with Matt laughing, did some fine tuning and this is what I got. Everything fits nice and snug and it sure looks better. I should take a picture of the before. Super custom! I was thinking maybe I should get the other upper cover (I only have 1 side), but I put that one on and found the fit was terrible. There is a huge gap between the seat and the cover and it look like poo. So no upper covers.

Oh yea, here is my new derbi thing. Maybe I’ll try and make a post explaining it all but its still all a mystery to me. Maybe try and guess everything on it, its a nutty machine. And of course Matt forgot the jet I needed so its not running right yet. Lame.


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ok, you have to at least start to outline tony’s old bike, at least what you don’t understand. that thing has to be a treasure trove of hidden mechanical genious.

Comment by gabeb

what do you want to know about it? i spent a ton of hours on it and know just about everything tony did!

Comment by terrydean

Yay! thy g3 lives again

Comment by Will Caldwell

I just did the same thing to my EagleIII. Love the filler panel. Thanks for the inspiration, Ill post pics on me blarg later. Did it with aluminum, cause thats all I hard laying round.

Comment by Chad

Those fast food trays are awesome, i’ve never thought of using them before, but they are a great thickness, very sturdy, and relatively cheap. Especially if you use the dollar menu.

Comment by Graham

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