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January 20, 2011, 5:32 pm
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Just kidding, I don’t have much cool to say.

School started tuesday and I have a ton of reading. Like TONS of reading. 3 readers, 1510 pages, all 2 pages of text per page, so yea, 3000 pages plus more online articles and a few textbooks. SO PUMPED though, I managed to finalize my dream tuesday to thursday schedule.

Regarding mopeds, there are no updates. We went on a little snowboard roadtrip which ended up not consisting of much snowboarding due to rain (ARGH!). Still fun though, we just had to adapt. Also, being it is snowboard season, we are going on about 4 weeks of no snow with none in the forecast for the next 2, or as far as they can reasonably predict. Some resorts have been on ICE HOLD. No good.

That said, there is news of the possibility of snowmageddon, a storm of biblical proportions which could drop some 10 feet of water over 40 days (220 feet of snow; 2640″, resorts typically average 500″ per year). So cool right?

Ok, so there is some moped news. RACING!. I hope to make as many as possible, and it looks like my exam schedule ought to allow it. So GET EXCITED!


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Hey Zack. Make sure to sign up with the forum thx.

Hope to see on the track.

Comment by tomahawktuning

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