derbi still lacking
February 6, 2011, 1:50 pm
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I haven’t done much, but the derbi is still being a turd. I fixed an electrical problem. Apparently big sparks between the carb and lighting wire is kinda dangerous, so yea, that’s no more. It fired up and tore down the street but then died. Got it going again and made it just back, then died. Started it again, rode it down, almost died, sputtered for a sec, then blasted some more. The issue? Fuel. I hate taking off derbi carburetors, but I’m guessing the needle is gummed or something dumb preventing this from running right. Regardless, almost there. Pretty bad-ass right?

My shed is currently harboring 12 mopeds. Only a few run: the solex, chappy, ghetto-pinto, and this derbi. The race derbi goes, but I need to get everything finalized so its ready for stockton march 19th. What a mess.

Oh and its hot and not raining. Cool I guess, but not for february. RAIN. Kitty likes it.


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i love that exhaust!

Comment by Andy Lauzier

Nice pipe, sharp wheels. Also, I have one of those swing arm brace / passenger peg bars on my TT. Any idea if they were an option or standard on certain models?

Comment by Responsible Jon

I want to say they were optional because I’ve seen them on both an SLE and an SL (as seen here). Another odd options maybe you have seen is the beefed up triple trees. On these the top plate is just as thick as the bottom and they have regular handle bar clamps.

Derbis are weird.

Comment by zack

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