March 8, 2011, 5:42 pm
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so i was sitting in my room this morning pretending to study, and I was looking out across the street at the maintenance dude for the apartment building. This guy is really dumb. Let me detail a few instances:

Last night it rained, so everything got watered (including their pathetic trees, bushes and weeds), yet this dude decided to come out with the hose. He is standing inside the garage, which has one of those annoying metal grate fences, and he is shooting the stream of water 10 feet down the driveway into one of the planters with some weeds inside. He continues doing this for about 10 minutes, then switches to the other planter. Keep in mind he is special (not clinically, just really dumb), so only about half the water is getting to the weeds. The other half is hitting a car parked on the street right next to it. Now the driveway is already wet (from the rain of course), but since some of the water misses soil from the planter spewed out in his pathetic attempt at watering, he decides to spray down the driveway for another good 10 minutes, but not intelligently where you put your finger on the nozzle of the hose and generate some pressure. No, he just kept the weak stream going, spraying the 10 foot driveway (again, it rained last night). At this point he opens the garage door and comes outside to inspect his work. Of course the driveway is wet, but he also notices his fine work got a nearby car wet. So as a good deed he decides he is going to spray down the car, as it could use a good wash as it hasn’t rained in at least 2 hours and his hose spraying antics didn’t just get it all soaked. So now he sprays the car for another good 10 minutes, proclaims his work done, and heads into the garage. A bit later, the girl who owns the car comes out and looks on in disbelief. Its sunny now, so the water on all the other cars has dried, but hers is soaked.

Lets backtrack, and further analyze this smart fellow. Again he has the hose out, this time to fill a bucket to mop the lobby of the building. Of course the pebble landscaping (with weeds) needs watering, so he hoses them down for a good 10 minutes. He stops, smokes a cigarette, then goes back inside. A few minutes later he pops back out, looking for the bucket, which he picks up to bring inside because he has to mop. But wait, he forgot to fill that bucket up. So with a real smart face he sets it down and looks at the hose, as if wondering how it got to be unraveled and right where it needs to be to fill that bucket, and begins spraying the front walkway. He only does this for a few minutes, then goes inside, gets the soap, and fills the bucket.

I don’t know what more I can say. I guess not everyone is quite as smart as me.

I know this totally isn’t moped related, but with races only a week and a half away, I’ll have to update with moped content here soon!

EDIT: I forgot, I saw a rad steetmate with a biturbo yesterday. I was walking up the hill and it died at a stop sign, but it kicked over and he zoomed off before i could say hello. Also, and probably much cooler, I saw a gang of 10 chinese electric mopeds (you know the ones with the sweet pedals and floorboards, a-la ds50) cruising the circle. Apparently you can rent them for $10 an hour, so it looked like a bunch of bros decided to go for a spin. It looked really fun.


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uhhh, how much of berkeley can we see in an hour?
and how many jumps can we hit??

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