Brief Update (vespino!)
March 15, 2011, 3:34 pm
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So my arm is broken, but its not that bad. The doctor put me in a new splint, and I go back for x-rays on friday. So maybe a month of a sling, which is much better than the cast I envisioned having to wear. The bad news is that I got poison oak (like poison ivy). Its mostly concentrated on my legs, but of course there is a bit underneath the splint on the broken guy. Pretty rad!

Since I won’t be able to go snowboarding for my break, I’ll probably end up playing with mopeds for a few days, so maybe I will be able to provide updates.

In a kind of update (though the bike is no longer mine), Jason of the Bandits just about has the vespino going. Check out his blog. It has gone from the ugly monster I picked up in Berkeley 3 years ago to a custom guy with a g3 seat and tank and some classy paint. Sounds like all he really has left is setting the timing. Pretty rad!





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Thanks for posting this up man. When I get the decals set up, I’ll be doing my own before and after. It’s really been transformed. The Vespino dudes from Spain are impressed and have been very supportive too which is a super nice compliment.

Comment by Jason W

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