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March 21, 2011, 9:50 am
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so it totally rained saturday, so we didn’t go racing. That and I was stuck in SF with Tom and Rahul, and we had some events we had to attend to, like the bar that was full at 8:30 in the morning, or the person lying (most likely dead) in the middle of the street and the cops put a blanket over their face, or Tom’s new umbrella that matches his party shirt.

So we decided to work on mopeds yesterday. I went to sean’s house, and he had just finished everything and just needed the electric starter. We gave it a charge and the beast fired right up. No leaks or anything weird, and it FLEW down the street. Pretty nuts.

Of course any day of race related anything requires video games, so we played some double dash and unlocked the special cup.

We went over to my house then to change the jet in the race derbi and clean the carb in the green one. Sean documented the process of changing the jet, which as you can probably tell is really really annoying. But we got it changed with minimal leakage of race gas, and it fired right up and went down the street REALLY fast. Pretty rad! It still needs a few bits, primarily a different frame because good god, it should not take 30 minutes (or even more than 5) to change a jet, especially on a race bike. So at some point I’ll have to do an old switcheroo, probably similar to what rufus did on his, grafting it to a magnum frame.

I took some pictures but they were really crummy because taking pictures with a broken arm is surprisingly difficult.


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