Frevolution Update #1
September 16, 2011, 12:42 pm
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WEll after blog-slacking (as the entire moped community seems to be doing right now), I figured I ought to make a difference, so I’ll update on the Frevolution and its performance the last few weeks.

First of all, the bike is awesome, but that was apparent from the initial photos. It rides really smooth, has good power and is a blast to ride around. It still isn’t tuned just right (me=lazy), but with some stiffer clutch springs and now knowing it won’t explode, its fun to ride all out all the time. The clutch springs are stiff, but I can definitely do more because it only just barely wheelies now. I want full wheelies on command.

The bike survived sacramento with a few issues. First I lost the nut that holds on the drive sprocket. That ended my friday right, and as I was waiting for chase, I discovered the JBweld someone applied to fix a tank leak had failed, thus the pretty c5 tank was useless. Bummer. I found a spare nut and torqued it tight and its been on since. I am going to drill it and safety wire it on because unlike flat reeds, I have no pedal shaft to keep the nut on there if it undoes itself. Nate was cool and hooked up a pinto tank which looked really sharp. Last error (just the other day) came from my inability to weld. My extended pedal shaft snapped. Fortunately I didn’t do the important welds because I’d probably already be hurting from failure. Oh yea, I got a parking ticket as well, super lame.

Back home i utilized a spare magnumX tank, but this too sucks and the bolt holding it snapped so I am left to zip ties. I will braze the c5 tank soon. And I found the ultimate seat. So all in all, its what I would call the perfect moped. 50cc, quick off the line, tops at about 45 (wait till porting!), comfortable, and fun through the turns. I’m pretty pumped its working well in its initial trials before painting and beautifying.


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Glad to hear someone is still both riding mopeds and writing online about it. That bike looks like loads of fun.

Comment by Responsible Jon

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