December 16, 2011, 6:13 pm
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I am working on getting *all of my bikes running, and so far so good! The magnum is working much better, and is even more fun to ride since blasto re-welded the hanger bracket on my proma circuit (3rd re-weld required so far). Its geared 16×36, so its a blast to ride. Super fast off the line topping out around 45 maybe 50. It can easily take any hill. I stopped by treats yesterday after work and got this, apparently one of the last 3 in existence. My revolution has a ducati CDI that is identical to the malossi version for pugeouts and mobys, so I hooked this up quickly and the bike was sparking like a champ. I built a bracket and mounted the box under the tank on the crossbar to keep it clean/dry and looking good. The bike fired right up and runs strong. I also took apart the green derbi, as the wheels need to be sold and the motor eventually needs to make it on the c5.

I have some projects I hope to get done over the next week including:
-complete rewiring of the revolution thing: Headlight, tail-light, brake light?, kill switch etc.
-putting a hole on the intake side of the piston. 360′ port timing for blast
-roughing up the variator cheeks, the belt is currently slipping under hard launches
-weld up my extended pedal arm, run a pedal chain
-fix the flat on my newport
-get chappy running (again): get the front wheel back on, new head (bolted up of course), and get the body cover on it.
-swap forks between the magnum and revolution. I’m moving to SF and want to get the rev up there, and I want strong brakes for the hills. Later this means a rotor on the 5 star. In the mean time it means spokes front and rear.
-get the rev registered. I need a vin plate.
-clean the ltd tank, put on my dash and finally call the bike “done”

The lower on the list the less likely they’ll get done. That said, who knows, I have a free week and a fractured heal so there isn’t much else to do.


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