December 22, 2011, 6:11 pm
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I’ve been working hard!

I got the forks swapped between the two bikes, a spoke on the rear of the frev, today we cut up the seat pan to get it to mount better (still not perfect but it is quite functional), I got most of the wiring in place, have the magnum running well, got a tail light and regulator, got a head for chappy, and so on. A few more little projects, namely finishing up the frev tomorrow (connecting wiring, throttle/cable, swap the rear sprocket, run the chain, hook everything up and then blast. I’d also like to get the limited mag on (blue up front looks funny) as well as get chappy buttoned up. I’d also like to get the Newport flat fixed, but that might have to wait till monday. I also need to replace the voltage regulator on my car, so hopefully that part is here tonight. Its crazy, getting these bikes working, getting prepared to move, finishing christmas shopping and hanging out with all my friends. I’m a busy dude!

Thanks as always to treatland, I ordered yesterday about noon and my parts were here in less than 24 hours. I don’t think anyone (except maybe amazon, sometimes) can match that service. Top notch!


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