I’ve been missing for a bit, but am still around. The frevolution has been kicking it, and I finally pulled the custom built pipe from my derbi race bike off so it doesn’t get destroyed by the streets (and fog) of SF. I got one of those fasmem pipes from treats and had to add a little bracket and trim my transmission cover a tad to get the fit. I had a little electrical issue (read: custom construction = melted headlight) and got a replacement that was creating some gremlins. Some crafty work and now all systems are a go. It doesn’t run nearly as well as it did with the simoni pipe, but a little tuning ought to help out. It does fit on nicely though.

Next up might be a throwback: decking out my clean newport with a gila/phbg ripper setup and mobbing that around town. The details are unclear, but I have a few kits sitting and I want something a little different for the city. I love the start 3 derbi motor but I don’t want to go all crazy with it and unfortunately am limited on gearing by preserving the puch swingarm/wheels. So I’m thinking simple e50 build on a nice base. Should be simple and fun to ride around. With some luck I’ll have a post or two about it.

Oh yeah, got another toy, but it still needs a little work. More on that later.


Remember Me?
July 30, 2012, 9:56 pm
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It has certainly been awhile, but I’m still kicking it. The new job was and continues to be busy, and my house doubles as a second job, BUT, I finally got a moped up here, so once I get some gas and 2t, I’ll be rocking the mean streets again. I spent the weekend freeing up a spot for a few bikes and some bench space, so the plan is to keep building. What’s next? Maybe the C5 or maybe a magnum. I want to build a pretty bike.

In other news, see a bunch of you this weekend in Seattle! Cuperteens assemble.

December 22, 2011, 6:11 pm
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I’ve been working hard!

I got the forks swapped between the two bikes, a spoke on the rear of the frev, today we cut up the seat pan to get it to mount better (still not perfect but it is quite functional), I got most of the wiring in place, have the magnum running well, got a tail light and regulator, got a head for chappy, and so on. A few more little projects, namely finishing up the frev tomorrow (connecting wiring, throttle/cable, swap the rear sprocket, run the chain, hook everything up and then blast. I’d also like to get the limited mag on (blue up front looks funny) as well as get chappy buttoned up. I’d also like to get the Newport flat fixed, but that might have to wait till monday. I also need to replace the voltage regulator on my car, so hopefully that part is here tonight. Its crazy, getting these bikes working, getting prepared to move, finishing christmas shopping and hanging out with all my friends. I’m a busy dude!

Thanks as always to treatland, I ordered yesterday about noon and my parts were here in less than 24 hours. I don’t think anyone (except maybe amazon, sometimes) can match that service. Top notch!

December 16, 2011, 6:13 pm
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I am working on getting *all of my bikes running, and so far so good! The magnum is working much better, and is even more fun to ride since blasto re-welded the hanger bracket on my proma circuit (3rd re-weld required so far). Its geared 16×36, so its a blast to ride. Super fast off the line topping out around 45 maybe 50. It can easily take any hill. I stopped by treats yesterday after work and got this, apparently one of the last 3 in existence. My revolution has a ducati CDI that is identical to the malossi version for pugeouts and mobys, so I hooked this up quickly and the bike was sparking like a champ. I built a bracket and mounted the box under the tank on the crossbar to keep it clean/dry and looking good. The bike fired right up and runs strong. I also took apart the green derbi, as the wheels need to be sold and the motor eventually needs to make it on the c5.

I have some projects I hope to get done over the next week including:
-complete rewiring of the revolution thing: Headlight, tail-light, brake light?, kill switch etc.
-putting a hole on the intake side of the piston. 360′ port timing for blast
-roughing up the variator cheeks, the belt is currently slipping under hard launches
-weld up my extended pedal arm, run a pedal chain
-fix the flat on my newport
-get chappy running (again): get the front wheel back on, new head (bolted up of course), and get the body cover on it.
-swap forks between the magnum and revolution. I’m moving to SF and want to get the rev up there, and I want strong brakes for the hills. Later this means a rotor on the 5 star. In the mean time it means spokes front and rear.
-get the rev registered. I need a vin plate.
-clean the ltd tank, put on my dash and finally call the bike “done”

The lower on the list the less likely they’ll get done. That said, who knows, I have a free week and a fractured heal so there isn’t much else to do.

Stuff for Sale
October 11, 2011, 7:13 pm
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Listed all this stuff for sale over on moped army. Some cool little bits and I’m flexible on the prices. Check it!

I’m trying to fund the finishing of the frevolution and LTD (really?!?), and maybe even the c5. Also a trip next week to NYC. That’s the big one.

A Frevolution is Coming
August 15, 2011, 8:02 pm
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A work in progress. Plans are for a 50cc ripper. All brackets built, pedals will be functional, ripping pipe clears all, together maybe the best moped ever Next up is some cosmetics, welding and assembly. If the 50 doesn’t deliver, maybe a 20+ hp scooter cylinder. Coming soon to a rally near you.

July 25, 2011, 4:13 pm
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I’m back from Yosemite and after 25 miles of hiking I’m a bit tired. We got super lucky and scored some half dome permits, so we were able to make the epic 18 mile hike. It really is unlike anything else. When you reach the cables and look up its a bit scary as it’s a couple hundred vertical feet up with slick, stepped granite on either side. Everyone is super friendly during this last stage, which was nice because it can be a bit stressful.

Anyhow, the real update I was wanting to provide turned out to be a bust. At the beginning of the month some dude linked to searspartsdirect on moped army, where nearly all bits of murrary mopeds were supposedly available. I was super excited and ordered everything to build a new moped, so the frame, forks, seat, tank, swingarm, and so on. Sean did the same, but he quickly recieved a cancelation notice as the parts weren’t available. I sat hoping that maybe only 1 frame remained and I got it, but after calling today, all parts are unavailable. Quite the bummer really.

So if you come across this, realize nothing really exists, but the cutout drawings are pretty rad.