March 9, 2009, 7:11 am
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I got my tank back from rafter at the 77 raffle part, so that and the fork ears were done in white. Rafter did a great job on it all, and I’m excited to get that bike back together. I still need to rebuild the motor (airsal, etc) and paint the 5 stars, maybe that will get done soon.

First though is getting the Limited up and running. The 2 speed suffered some exploded clutches the other night, so I need to pop in a new 1st speed and it should be fine. I got the forks painted and now all thats left is the wheels and I need a throttle. I just scored a set of my favorite tires, of course the michelin m29s, 2.75×17. Brand new and cheap too! Those will get mounted up once everything is together. My goal is to have most of it done by the end of next weekend, and hopefully running.

Derbi is up and running on the oko, but its still too rich and I need to still get that timing dialed in. We’ll see how much gets done this week with a chem midterm. We might get some track time on friday if everything goes to plan. Chappy will probably be on the chop block this week, I guess we’ll see what kind of interest it generates. I guess polini sold their stock chappy for 1k, so I’m hoping for more. Still need to figure out how we are getting to LA.


Racing Parts (part 1)
December 4, 2008, 2:36 am
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So I got my gilardoni, pipe and head today. The gilardoni was soft seized, but the damage was very minimal. There are a few scores in the piston, but the cylinder is fine and its got new rings. I’m sure it will do great, especially for an unbeatable price. I got the stock reeds with it and an intake to run a phbg on a e50, so I’m going to have to fab up an intake. I’ll get some pics of that, and you will see how tight (and perfectly) the gila fits in my variant frame.

The head is a metrakit 47mm decom head designed for the flat reed cylinders, ¬†and its basically identical to the stock head except well its bigger. I’m going to have to figure out how to make the decomp work as there is no hole in the cylinder from the head sealing point to the exhaust port. I saw lee make the hole for a peugeot cylinder, but I could just as easily just cut out a small channel out of the decomp channel to open air. Regardless, it will make the bike way easier to start and I won’t have to cut any fins.

The pipe is a 75cc zen which is hydroformed. The header has a HUGE inner diameter and the chamber is nearly the size of a doppler. It looks pretty but I’m going to have to cut it and slightly re-angle it so its not dragging too low. I’m also going to have to add a bracket to support it because the one on there aligns with the swingarm and thats not going to work.

I also ran into rafter today at 77, and I think I’m going to have the frame powdercoated. I’m thinking green and black.