Airsal=Shitty Aluminum
May 6, 2009, 4:08 am
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Ok, so my white and blue magnum is done, well almost. Turns out airsal aluminum is extra crappy. I was setting the timing, thread the spark plug back in, and go to gently torque it, and boom, the plug keeps twisting. Wonderful, now the head is stripped. I then proceed to attach the exhaust and one of the bolts in on the verge of stripping out the stud. I don’t know how I keep doing it (2 polinis now), but this is annoying. Luckily tom has some sweet inserts for the head, and I’ll just get an m8/m6 stud for the exhaust, but everything else is all done and pretty, so I’m kinda bummed. Regardless, it will be running for the weekend.


Tear-down and Buildup Prep
December 6, 2008, 1:30 am
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So I started to pull the Derbi apart. The motor had 3 bolts running through it, and there is also attachments for the swingarm that run to the main drive gear and the rear pulley. The motor came off really easy and its pretty dirty. Its going to get a good cleansing before anything happens. I pulled off the stator and I’m going to get new points and a condenser so my spark is in tip top shape. I’ll also be rewiring the bike making it much simpler with running lights and only a kill switch (as required by the rules).

As you can see, the gila cylinder slides right into the derbi bore. The sleeve looks a tiny bit shorted than the stock cylinder, but its pretty close. Regardless, no case boring necessary, only case matching. The decomp from the stock head transferred right over so nothing to worry about there. That will slide right in. I think I am going to have the cut the outer-most 2 fins on the top of the cylinder to clear the frame if I ever want to take the cylinder off with the motor bolted up. I could do without it, but I’d then have to drop the motor every time I needed to remove the cylinder.

You can see the stud spacing is a tad-bit off. Its pretty close, so just a little drill-press action and it will slip right on. This is too easy!

I also started working on the motor for a magnum I will be building up most likely to sell. Its going to be an e50 with a top stuffed crank running a 72cc Airsal cylinder (commonly seen on A55 tomos). The cylinder is great with tons of torque and good top speed as well. I am going to have to re-gap the rings for super blasting, but it should be a 55 MPH bike no problem with that and a Simonini and 21mm phbg. The frame and tank and all is going to be black with red decals. I’ve got some NOS Nostalgia wheels (black rims with red pin-striping. It will be a dark bike, but it should look pretty fresh and very simple. I plan to get the motor done so I can tune it and have it ripping by the time the frame and tank are done.

I port-matched the case to the e50 then sprayed the case and cylinder and intake to blend in with the frame a bit better. The case is a dark gray and the cylinder and intake and clutch cover are a semi-gloss black. All High-temp and durable ceramic paint. Not quite as nice as powder, but its an engine case, so whatever. I ran out of paint so I still gotta finish the cylinder and head. It looks mean like a Metra-80.