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December 26, 2011, 11:18 pm
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Cuperteens do it right, the 1st time every time. In the shop and on the streets. Pros.


dellorto SHA, dumb; running derbi, awesome

Just before the reno rally I spent a few days trying to get my thrown together derbi variant running. That should have been a relatively simple process figuring that the motor was running fine about a year ago in stock form. This clearly wasn’t the case. I did change a few things, primarily the top end, to a stock jug bored (long ago) to 60cc. I threw on the stock intake and carb and it ran rather well with decent pep and seemingly unlimited top speed. I went to ride it home (as I built it at Matt’s house way back in January) and it made it 1 float bowl in the stupid sha. I pedaled the rest of the way home.

So I tried cleaning the first carb, taking compressed air and carb cleaner to it twice. Same result, it died. So I tried a second 14.12 body with the same result. I asked Tom to borrow one, and this was even worse. It would kinda idle, but when reved it sounded like it was burping like there was a huge leak, but the seals were fine. So I tried cleaning that SHA again today to no avail (and why should anything change, the derbi has a spotless plastic tank).

Pissed off I finally decided to throw on Tom’s custom intake, his first from 3 or 4 years ago, 19mm funneled down to 14mm. My least favorite task on mopeds is running throttle cables, so I just pulled the throttle off ferbi which conveniently was already hooked to my dellorto phbg cap. I didn’t feel like routing the cable through the frame just yet, but I got it all bolted on and of course it fires right up and rides like a dream. It also fits in there super easy! Lesson learned: never use a SHA.

While working I also fixed the wiring which I kludged together back when I built the bike. Everything is much cleaner, the kill switch works as do the lights. So now the bike is almost done. It still needs fine tuning because all my dellorto jets are missing and my randomly picked phbg (84 main, 48 idle, needle ?) only works so well. The variator also needs some fine tuning to fully variate and reach higher RPMs. Despite it all, I think its a pretty cool bike that is fun to ride. With an air box it will keep the neighbors happy as well.

I’ve seen some stuff asking about switching derbi mags between bikes, and because all derbis have very subtle differences, the solution you come up with may be unique. This bike is older (PP) and had spoke wheels. Late bikes, or at least the Variant Sports, have brake hub tabs that are longer (they go lower towards the axle). I switched to a set of lowers from the variant sport so that the tab better held the revo hub, but the wheel couldn’t be properly centered. We then ground the hub down a bit so it all fit together. Fortunately rear wheels are easier as it seems just about all (but of course there are exceptions) have the same size tab for the hub regardless of the swingarm configuration. The biggest issue going to the revo mags is the cables as the ends on the newest variants are different. This is nothing some strong knarps cannot fix.

Finally a note if you are doing this: buy the fork lowers for whatever set of wheels you are switching to. All Derbi variants have the same fork uppers which allow all lowers to be 100% interchangeable. Tom had a spare set of revo mags and conviently forks, so he just swapped the lowers over and avoided ugly half-assed attempts at removing forks and grinding hubs.

whoa what happened
June 23, 2011, 6:15 pm
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I don’t know what happened, but here I am. Back from Reno, living the dream right now. On the topic of reno, it was pretty rad. I liked riding mopeds around and meeting cool peeps, but my pipe mounting bracket decided to snap so I had to rig some fencing to hold it on. After amazing clutch blasting and the broken pipe I decided it was time to change the fluid and switch pipes. Fluid was black, now I have some fresh synthetic 10w-50 in there and its still slipping like a dream, but with the n8p it needs to be geared shorter. Also, its really freaking loud, but the cop I rode by didn’t seem to care.

Check out the custom clutch puller. Also the perfect clutch shoes.

Here are some photos of my trials today. The heat is gone and it’s nice out, so now I can hang out in my shed without dying. I’ve got 2 projects in the works, if one of them actually comes together be ready for the craziest bike ever?

Oh yea, got the G3 running but it needs a choke and some type F. It sure looks pretty though.

Finally, if you haven’t seen Fast 5 yet, GO NOW! Saw it last night and wow, it was way better than I expected; almost as good or maybe just maybe better than tokyo drift. You be the judge.

’tis the season

hello fellow readers, sorry for the lack of updates the past few weeks. Well I am back from Hawaii (1st trip there, so much fun!), and that moped rally in reno is happening this weekend. There should be 6 of us superteens there, so get ready for some crazy fun times.

yesterday we had a little fix-it bbq at my house, and in typical fashion we didn’t get all that much done. Well that’s a lie, Bret got his maxi running after some silly wiring snafu, and Tom got his sweet new variant sport going but it is really really loud and I don’t think my neighbors were all that excited about it.

My green derbi is still being a turd, and after 2 different carburetors and some cleaning I think its time for a 3rd. Hopefully I can get one from Tom tonight, then I can throw that on with the sweet ninja pipe I am borrowing, then it should be able to rip for prolonged periods. When it was running (for exactly 1 float bowl before dying), it was fast. The bored out cylinder, ninja and clutch springs (+TJT) along with a 20t front and super small 32t rear make this bike quick off the line with a predicted top speed over 45 (maybe more downhills!). So yea, I’m excited but not in that its not running now. If I can’t get it dialed I’ll just bring my boring old magnum

Sean is building what may qualify as the ugliest maxi ever. He got an old newport frame out of Matt’s yard (rusty, faded, ugly), is reusing his grungy 5-stars with custom (crusty) white-walled vm100s, some faded old red freespirit forks, some rad bicycle bars, and some random pug shocks. Power wise its solid, with his old athena kit, 21 phbg (he was gonna build an intake, but why do more work when you can just trade parts with Tom?), and a really really chromed out biturbo. All in all practical, ugly, and probably structurally questionable.

Sorry, no photos were taken because we were working super hard, or maybe we were just drinking beer. I’m not sure, but the sausages sure were tasty. See ya’ll in reno.

mopeds return
May 21, 2011, 2:03 pm
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I got home and was really wanting to go ride around, and of course all my bikes except chappy are broken. So of course the best option was tearing chappy down (stole the master link and the head), and got the old magnum running (I also stole the pipe from my pinto, which runs- well ran, but has bent rims). Its the old polini, with a head gasket, selettra, mikuni and so on. It fired right up and ripped. I raced sean around town and it only got up to 340 so I think its fine. Unfortunately the clutch is on its way out. I knew the pads were chewed up, but I think the posts are now bent or something because sometimes it slips and works like a dream, and others it grabs way to fast and is a turd. Regardless, its nice being back on a fast bike, at least for a little while.

We also went to the archery range. You may remember me posting about this gem awhile back, and its really fun. We started with 18 arrows and only lost 4. Pretty good for a bunch of newbies. Check the rad pics.

Hey look, a moped!

Goodbye 300d.
February 9, 2011, 12:56 pm
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Some of you may have seen this ugly little mercedes at one of the polini cup races. If not, let me introduce you to the best car ever.

I guess I bought it back in 2007 for all of $600. It was pretty beat (that picture is from day 1). It had unknown mileage, a busted speedo, monster truck tires, a filthy motor, and so on, but it ran. Add to that it was a euro. In the mercedes world, european models are cool. Typically they have options not found on the US cars, they come in funny colors, and they have slimmer bumpers and headlights and so on. This one was especially cool because it had a 4 speed manual, something never offered on the 300d’s in the US (240d could have a 4 speed, but they are even slower).

I quickly cleaned the car up, changed out the whole interior (the stock cloth was GROSS), tuned it up and gave it to my brother. He proceeded to drive it back and forth to SLO for school and racked up a ton of miles (say we start at 240k, but thats unknown, I just put in a new speedo with that mileage, probably an under-estimate). He finished school and bought Sean’s 300d (much nicer), and I took this guy back in for beater duty in berkeley. In january the speedo was showing a tick under 280k, but we didn’t put anything into it except oil and filters. Still going strong with its 5 cylinders of fury!

With the van gone and a new scooby for mountain duty (an oldish outback), old blue had to go. So I sold it to my friend and fellow cuperteen (and mercedes enthusiast) mike. He has a really nice 240d but its too nice, and since he is leaving for college soon, he needed something crummy so he wouldn’t be sad if someone dinged his pretty car. So its his, but unfortunately on night one, one of his neighbors or a friend hit it! Now the bumper is bent (again, the 1st one was replace), fender bowed and indicator busted. Kinda sad, but it still works and drives fine. It never was a looker, and it should serve him well.

g3 customz

So I need to get my g3 all spruced up because I never have and it was having some issues, so now is the time. I began going over everything and started to figure out what needs what. Clearly it needs a good cleaning, re-sealing of all the gaskets, new fluids, a new brake cable, the decomp sealed and some other misc stuff to make it all pretty and awesome.

While messing with some electrical stuff I realized how stupid the lower side covers are because there is a 4 inch gap between each some the top of the motor, the lower frame rails and wiring are all exposed. No good. So with Matt over I had to devise a quick plan to fix it. I found a black tray and measured it all out but I didn’t have any way to cut it out. Matt has a band saw but I knew I wouldn’t get it right the first try, so I devised a ghetto-fabulous rig of a hand operated scroll saw upside down in my vice. Super sketch but it worked.

I cut it all out with Matt laughing, did some fine tuning and this is what I got. Everything fits nice and snug and it sure looks better. I should take a picture of the before. Super custom! I was thinking maybe I should get the other upper cover (I only have 1 side), but I put that one on and found the fit was terrible. There is a huge gap between the seat and the cover and it look like poo. So no upper covers.

Oh yea, here is my new derbi thing. Maybe I’ll try and make a post explaining it all but its still all a mystery to me. Maybe try and guess everything on it, its a nutty machine. And of course Matt forgot the jet I needed so its not running right yet. Lame.