A Frevolution is Coming
August 15, 2011, 8:02 pm
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A work in progress. Plans are for a 50cc ripper. All brackets built, pedals will be functional, ripping pipe clears all, together maybe the best moped ever Next up is some cosmetics, welding and assembly. If the 50 doesn’t deliver, maybe a 20+ hp scooter cylinder. Coming soon to a rally near you.


my favorite mopeds (off-road)

As I’m sure many can tell, my favorite mopeds are those of the “off-road” variety, I.E. my C5, Magnum X, my earlier desires to build a rhino-lined trails maxi, my love of the Motobecane VLX, Derbi TT, RD50, and Sean’s Tomos TX50 Super Tom, and others I am probably forgetting.

Well now look at this bad boy some fella in New Jersey was trying to get more info on:

The Peugeot TS Enduro (aka the TSE). I know nothing about it other than holy crap this thing is awesome. 103 motor/swingarm, MX bars, what look like a 17 rear and 19 front tire, beefy forks, an upswept exhaust, and of course beefy skid plates. That and some rad tank decals; this thing is really awesome. Oh, and don’t forget this one is mint. This looks like my cobra did, under an inch of dust, sealed for the day it hits california sunshine. If I didn’t have a shed full of mopeds and did have a job and some money, I would be on my way to New Jersey and ride this thing through the trails of AMERICA back to California. Damn, one day.

I mean look at this beauty:

Derbi SL Build Part 1

Matt and I started getting the SL all put together. We started with this:

Plans are to use the Rev mags, his green frame, my c-5 piston port motor with a bored stock cylinder, tjt, some pipe, treats cdi, dellorto sha, etc.

Of course in building any bike nothing is as ever as easy as it should be. For example, we had to mess with the forks because of course (as its a derbi) the brake hub tab on there differ for every year of production. Older bikes have smaller tabs higher up. These barely work with the rev hubs, and we determined it unsafe. Fortunately Matt has a set of never Variant Sport forks which have tabs that run much lower (to down closer to the axle), so we decided to use those.

If you’ve ever messed with derbi forks this picture should ring true. Gosh what a mess, and how it is NEVER easy to get those little rods in the hole (that’s what she said?). After much fandangeling, I got them in but turns out the wheel spacing is still wrong. So we sawzalled the tab in half on the fork arm to shimmy the wheel over, but even still its way off. So now we have to mod the hub plate to get that wheel centered so we can run a fender.

So its almost done and looking pretty cool. The big pirellis have about the same profile as a regular 2.25×17, so the little wheels don’t look too stupid (meaning big ‘ol fender gaps). We have to figure out the exhaust situation, find a carb, hook up the ignition, and get the front fender shored up. Exciting times. Oh yea, gotta find brake cables that work too.

Derbi Day

Today was a busy day getting all my derbi junk together.

Tony hooked it up with pretty much all the plastics, controls and other bits from the revolution, the complete revolution motor (which someone managed to strip in one of the swingarm bolts and cut off the head, extracted it wrong and drilled a new hole at an angle to hold it together, wonderful!), the revolution wheels with new 2.75 Pirelli ML75, Rev. shocks, the messy pyramid reed motor (missing clutch, variator, cylinder and head), and a ducati cdi stator and flywheel. Oh yea, also a spare new revolution crankshaft. So yea, quite the collection.

First order of business was comparing fitment of the revolution motor in the c5 frame. Obviously its going to take some work but its not too far. A fellow down in the LA area put a Flat-reed motor on his rd50 (same frame) and basically had to modify the kickstand/motor holder and add an upper bar to support the upper/front bolts on the case. I’ll be doing much of the same. The rear holes in the mount will need to be slightly modified but beyond that it should all fit very well.

Here is the frame with the original piston port and another with the start motor. Kickstart lines up perfectly!

To keep everything simple to work on I will have to drill out the stud holes in the cylinder and head to fit the funny c5 mini-studs and bolts. All easy. Much of this will be on hold until school is up in may. So yea, just getting excited about what is to come.

To keep things complicated I’m going to be putting together another derbi with the help of Matt who has a really spiffy green Variant frame. We are going to build it mostly as a loaner for friends or us when all our stuff is broken. The setup will be simple, piston port bottom, stock cylinder bored out to 60cc, homeot 4p, milled flat reed head, tjt, malossi clutch springs, 20×30 gearing, 19phbg, revolution mags, and so on.

Tom had this cylinder on his Variant a few years ago and hit a hair under 50 with an estoril with a janky header. So optimized it ought to be a pretty rad bike that is decently reliable and quick. I’m going to try and get most of it together tomorrow, but I gotta switch a water pump on the diesel first.

Lastly, here is the nasty pyramid reed. Crank actually turns pretty well but it sure is crusty.


nick made tri-tip ($2 a pound vs. $4 for ground beef), and we made another pie. The berries were a bit more ripe, and I made more crust so I wouldn’t have to crappily weave it. Jon Kho added more sugar and we rounded it off with some vanilla ice cream. 10000x better than the last one.

Tony liked it a lot so he liked everyone’s plate cream as well as the tin.

Next I decided I wanted to build a new bike (never mind all my broken bikes and far-off projects). It’s Freespirit mixed with the beautiful c5/laguna tank. The freespirit seat pan fits the lines of the tank beautifully, so time to get custom. Lower the seat, put on a bar, build holders and weld it all up. Mockup with wood is best.

I didn’t know what size shocks were in stock, so each potential length was marked. 370s in stock, so less custom work required.

Sean did a good job welding it. Not 100% pro-status, but certainly better than I could do. Its not going anywhere. Some more mods in store, as well as a motor build, pipe mod, fork swap, wheels fixing and probably other stuff I’m forgetting right now. It’ll be done by the end of the weekend.

Motor is gonna be a bit boring. 65 hero kit, 19 phbg, selettra, 75cc derbi zen all on my kickstart e50. I want to ktm clutch it eventually and put a better cylinder on. It should be a torque monster.

derbi factory

Tom has a lot of derbis. Yesterday we BBQ’d and I saw most of them: Senda, GPR50, Revolution, C5 diablo, Variant SLE, Variant TT, and probably more. One was in boxes, others apart. Also a few frames designed for flat reed motors, including a hobbit and a grande. No pyramid reeds and I didn’t see a flat-reeder, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have one. Its a pretty sweet collection. Once my c5 is done we are going to wreck havoc.

update: now he has a laguna. Collection complete

In less exciting news, progress has been made with magnumX. The top end is on, intake there, carb and controls solid, so now the fun part of making a pipe fit. The only setup will not clear unless I want to pull off the pipe everytime I change the plug. No thanks, so I’m going to have to get crafty. I might play around with it thursday. I think sean is getting close on super tom, so mini-bruisers are going to be rolling soon. The cuperteens are also on lookout for a fleet of the coolest bikes ever. Check out The Stand for a preview.

Also, I didn’t go racing. It was hot, I was tired, and I didn’t think anyone would be there, so I skipped the 5 hours of driving and $50 race fee. Next time we are going to try and be there, hopefully others will show as well.

busy day
March 19, 2010, 11:08 pm
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So the weather is just about perfect right now. Sunny with highs in the mid-70s, and everything blooming and green. No dead grass or fires yet. Matt and I decided to hit up the archery range for a few hours and hit some targets. We aren’t that good, but whatever, its still fun

The hanging targets are the most fun.

I pretty much got the magnum done. Its not quite tuned yet, but the seat is one, tank secure, HPI on and kind-of timed, and mikuni and intake done.

Everything went pretty well. I just used my derbi intake, but drilled new holes so if came off to the side for the mikuni. I think this was the first time all my holes lined up the first time. Seat brackets took a few, but the freespirit seats are actually really close to mounting up on magnums. I bent the rear bolts out just a tad and built quick brackets for the front. The derbi tank is a tad wider than a magnum tank, so I built up the rubber mounts so it didn’t move around. I know the lines aren’t perfect, but I’d hate to rip up my perfect seat or dent/scrape my ltd tank, so it will have to do. The riding position is actually quite nice. The red bike theme continues

While working Bro and Matt went up the hill, Matt to ride his bike down (drivetrain missing), and Bro to longboard. This hill is awesome when everything works right, but speed wobbles are not good. I lost my brake once coming down and crashed into the bushes. This time Bro’s hand and elbow took the brunt of it.

Putting the HPI together was quick and easy, just the first time I didn’t tighten the nut all the way down so the flywheel came loose on the first test run. I’ve got it set just about 2mm BTDC and it seems pretty powerful. I’m geared 18×36 and it gets up to speed a bit quicker than it did with treats CDI and the phbg. Top speed somewhere close or at 60. With some tuning and shorter gearing it should be pretty good for the track. I really prefer top tanks over step-throughs when it comes to riding as its so nice to have something to hold onto with your legs. So while this thing will be nowhere near a contender, it should be a lot of fun.

Finished the night off with some tri-tip, guacamole and jalapenos. A busy, but very fun day. This kind of day makes me very excited for summer.

Whistler in the morning. I’m bringing the mini-camera so I’ll take so pictures and update (sorry for the crappy pictures, this camera sucks in low light).