boston built diablo

that may not be entirely true, but a few very generous Bostonians are making my diablo build that much better.

KHZ Daniel was very kind and sent some sidecovers my way. Handybikes was only selling the right side cover, so that was no good. I emailed Daniel regarding his spare covers from his amazing diablo build, and he was more than happy to part with them and send them my way.

Old mopedhead Ben, now a boston resident was also very kind in lending to the power supply of my derbi (possibly unknowingly at the time). Some kid bought his red Maxi N with a metra 80 and proceeded to seize it very soon after. Ben thought the cylinder was dead and sent it to me, giving me a shot at its rebirth. I’m pretty confident it will blast again.

So the c5 is slowly coming together with the help from many. I still need to order a few more decals and other misc. bits from Handybikes, and I also need to find somewhere to get the seat reupholstered (as well as flatten out the seat pan). So while its coming together slowly, the project is moving ahead. Seals are in route for the motor, but the crank is still a situation. I’ll figure it all out soon enough.


c5 plan
November 11, 2009, 2:09 am
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instead of sleeping or studying for midterms, I’m planning my c5 build

total is w/o pipe, duhhh. sleeep time now. too many statistics for one day.

this should easily be done over my winter break. Powdercoating my good tank and repainting the frame will be done later on, 1st step is a radical runner.

and check out this crazy stuff!

we are officially all pussies.

the derbi that can
October 25, 2009, 9:32 pm
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so we all like riding our mopeds about, but only one of us really depends on one for day to day transportation (meaning this is how he gets around, without it its really tough). Mike rides his derbi everywhere. School, work, work, to the library, and to our houses to hang out. He also has a smiley, but the clutch starting plate is busted so that doesn’t work at the moment.

When the derbi started acting up, then finally stopped working, he had to bike everywhere. He was biking 15-20 miles a day, late at night, in the rain, no lights and a busted rear wheel. Fortunately matt figured out the seal was blown, so he replaced it and now mike can get around a bit easier again. Now he just needs a spare smiley motor.

For those curious how to make your piston port derbi pretty badass for under $150, here is how:
Get a tomos homeot 4p pipe
Get a 15 or 16 sha body
Install both, and remove the restrictor and one of weights from the variator

Now enjoy the boost, from 25-28 to a flat out 35, and 40+ down hills, and mean acceleration to boot! So fun, so easy. This setup is why I love derbis.

2 coolest builds you haven’t seen
October 24, 2009, 7:57 pm
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Well maybe you have, but whatever, these are probably the coolest 2 bikes, both built by Matt. He worked as a mechanic for Skip Barber racing school for a few years, then came back to cupertino to hang out with us losers.

His first build is this magnum. MB5 forks and wheels, Unported Gila’d e50 with HPI, custom simonini pipe, 17×36 gearing. He was clocked at about 68 in sac, but went even faster in LA. He was pulled over on our ride last night blasting a line of cars, but turns out one was a cop! She looked at the bike and gave him a warning. The bike is a tank, and has survived countless rallies, and has gone strong for almost 2 years now.

His other bike is the Gerbi. Garelli SSXL frame paired with a derbi flat reed motor. 75cc metrakit, zen pipe, lomat 4-petal, 24 mikuni, HPI, and some stiff polini clutch springs. This thing is finally done (conveniently after race season), but its rad. Its got a 17″ puch 5 star with the 16″ puch 5 star hub (derbi owners take note, a good rear wheel solution).

And here is the (grumpy) man, fixing yet another derbi.

racer? no.
October 24, 2009, 7:54 am
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So today I decided to begin pulling the derbi apart after the crank managed to bend itself up really good in atwater. I began pulling the polini, the ignition, and other stuff, but then matt came over with an impact, and I noticed I had another piston port motor (which managed to look brand new under the covers), so I figured I’d throw it on the variant. Upon pulling the sad motor I found this:

I dunno if that should worry me.

So I pulled the pulley, put on the little plastic guides for the swingarm mounts, and bolted the motor up. After about an hour messing with the stupid throttle cable and hooking up the electrics, I had a rad-tastic running derbi. The C5 pipe is certainly a nice touch, I’m sure you will agree. Its all stock, so its slow, maybe 30 on flats, 35 downhill, but whatever, it runs. I’ll probably phbg it, add cdi, and some other crap and I’ll have a sweet moped for around town. I think its awesome. Skid-zies and stoppies all over town. Oh yea, it’s got the super rare Spacetronic Ignition System. So rad!