my favorite mopeds (off-road)

As I’m sure many can tell, my favorite mopeds are those of the “off-road” variety, I.E. my C5, Magnum X, my earlier desires to build a rhino-lined trails maxi, my love of the Motobecane VLX, Derbi TT, RD50, and Sean’s Tomos TX50 Super Tom, and others I am probably forgetting.

Well now look at this bad boy some fella in New Jersey was trying to get more info on:

The Peugeot TS Enduro (aka the TSE). I know nothing about it other than holy crap this thing is awesome. 103 motor/swingarm, MX bars, what look like a 17 rear and 19 front tire, beefy forks, an upswept exhaust, and of course beefy skid plates. That and some rad tank decals; this thing is really awesome. Oh, and don’t forget this one is mint. This looks like my cobra did, under an inch of dust, sealed for the day it hits california sunshine. If I didn’t have a shed full of mopeds and did have a job and some money, I would be on my way to New Jersey and ride this thing through the trails of AMERICA back to California. Damn, one day.

I mean look at this beauty:


derbi factory

Tom has a lot of derbis. Yesterday we BBQ’d and I saw most of them: Senda, GPR50, Revolution, C5 diablo, Variant SLE, Variant TT, and probably more. One was in boxes, others apart. Also a few frames designed for flat reed motors, including a hobbit and a grande. No pyramid reeds and I didn’t see a flat-reeder, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have one. Its a pretty sweet collection. Once my c5 is done we are going to wreck havoc.

update: now he has a laguna. Collection complete

In less exciting news, progress has been made with magnumX. The top end is on, intake there, carb and controls solid, so now the fun part of making a pipe fit. The only setup will not clear unless I want to pull off the pipe everytime I change the plug. No thanks, so I’m going to have to get crafty. I might play around with it thursday. I think sean is getting close on super tom, so mini-bruisers are going to be rolling soon. The cuperteens are also on lookout for a fleet of the coolest bikes ever. Check out The Stand for a preview.

Also, I didn’t go racing. It was hot, I was tired, and I didn’t think anyone would be there, so I skipped the 5 hours of driving and $50 race fee. Next time we are going to try and be there, hopefully others will show as well.

the derbi that can
October 25, 2009, 9:32 pm
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so we all like riding our mopeds about, but only one of us really depends on one for day to day transportation (meaning this is how he gets around, without it its really tough). Mike rides his derbi everywhere. School, work, work, to the library, and to our houses to hang out. He also has a smiley, but the clutch starting plate is busted so that doesn’t work at the moment.

When the derbi started acting up, then finally stopped working, he had to bike everywhere. He was biking 15-20 miles a day, late at night, in the rain, no lights and a busted rear wheel. Fortunately matt figured out the seal was blown, so he replaced it and now mike can get around a bit easier again. Now he just needs a spare smiley motor.

For those curious how to make your piston port derbi pretty badass for under $150, here is how:
Get a tomos homeot 4p pipe
Get a 15 or 16 sha body
Install both, and remove the restrictor and one of weights from the variator

Now enjoy the boost, from 25-28 to a flat out 35, and 40+ down hills, and mean acceleration to boot! So fun, so easy. This setup is why I love derbis.

limited rebuild
July 2, 2009, 4:53 am
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So back in LA I noticed the rear wheel of my magnum had a little bit of play in it. I proceeded to blast a lot of people and hit personal land speed records. The other day as I rolled the limited on the stand I noticed the rear wheel now had about an inch of play (at the tire) and I dunno, I guess thats bad. So I pull the wheel apart and find some nice bearings. One is all crusty, the other looks almost decent, but 1 or 2 balls are dislodged from the cage and they move around way too much. I don’t want that blowing up at 55, so new bearings are in route.

The motor is getting closer, and now I have a lot of CDI boxes to try. I’ve got the OG hero box that I used for a few months that ripped, but benji thinks these others may in fact be a little better, so we’ll see. I’ve got these 3 to test and the other box is currently living on derbi if I need it.

I got a place to live, so now its time to finish the mopeds. I’m going to bring derbi (i think i decided on variant sport frame over ds50), and I need to finish the white magnum and sell it, just a few cosmetic touches there, and I want to get the limited running just as well as it did before, and I’d like to station that in the city for moped rides, and I need to get my racer tidied up for the september (maybe july???) races. So yea, I’ve got a lot to do. All must rip. Oh yea, fixed my friend’s derbi, turned out a ground was disconnected. Super nOOb