2011 Race Prep
November 22, 2010, 11:56 am
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So there has been a fair amount of talk about getting some racing going again down in southern california as well as continuing the series up in the pacific northwest. In turn, I was getting prepared to build a cool 50cc french bike. Matt got me all excited and has started his, but last week I got an email from Tony regarding his radical derbi (1 of 2) that he built with Jimmy and motomatic. Of course I had to pounce, he offered a deal no one can refuse.

Sean and I went up to Sacramento yesterday (forgot my camera, dur!) to get our goodies and I must say I’m super excited. I wish the racing were a bit closer, but with a pretty mellow semester this spring and graduation beyond, its time to race!

I’ll post pictures as we get everything together. The derbi is insane. I can’t even begin to describe how much was done to it. Here is pistol pete riding it in April


derbi2 done(ish)
July 19, 2009, 11:35 pm
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so the flat reed is 96% done. Details:

65cc cast iron metrakit
bendy metrakit pipe
boyesen dual stage reeds
19 phbg racer
6 roller vario w/ tjt weights
ds50 ignition and gearing
fresh gazelles
ghetto spray paint, seat, overall. Its a 15-footer

Its not super nice, but it looks slightly less stolen now. Runs ok, needs some tuning, and I'd love a smaller front sprocket for more low end. Its good now, but I don't want to go really fast, just get to speed fast. Not much else to say. This bad boy is coming to berkeley with me. Later on it will get properly blasted and powdercoated, but I couldn't resist a $6 makeover. So I've got about $600 in this thing now, maybe a little less, but not bad considering its potential. I still need to make my kickstand longer and get my pedal cranks back and on.

derbi variant sport
July 15, 2009, 1:42 am
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so it was a sport, now its a mutt with parts from multiple derbis. DS50 motor, sport frame, variant sl forks, fenders and wheels. Ugly yes, one day pretty? Maybe.

This cylinder is awesome. Beautiful port map with all these boosters. It revs up really nice and sounds awesome.

Cuperteens Derbi Arsenal.
April 3, 2009, 6:12 am
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We are trying to get as many derbis as possible. Our current collection includes:
1980 SLE Red
1979 SL Green
1979 SL Black
1978 TT Green
1980 TT Yellow
1987? SLE Red
+ 3 flat reed motors going on various bikes.

We are working on acquiring a red TT, a Laguna, and a C5. Derbis are sick! Piston port is currently the shit.