Derbi Dreams Realized?
June 19, 2009, 4:54 am
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Today was a pretty good derbi day. I got a rear wheel for my racer (7 spoke mag, but I decided I don’t really care, a wheel is a wheel). So I don’t have a rear wheel shortage, now I have a new issue: flat-reed shortage! I picked up the goofiest moped ever, the much coveted Derbi DS50. Is it a scooter? Yes, but wait, those floor boards fold up and reveal pedals. Its both! I got a really nice frame, and complete wheel set, so all I really need is 1 tire, some sort of gas tank, and some time. My flat-reed motor conveniently came with everything but a ds50 frame and wheels, so I have pretty much everything to get this bad boy rolling. This is totally going to be the bike I take with me to school in august, so I’m kind of excited about that.


We also scored a hacked flat reed swing-arm (poor motor got thrown away), but the swing-arm alone is a good score. Matt is going to modify it so his Gerbi will roll and he no longer owes Tom his life. Can’t get enough derbis!

Sorry, no photos because the frame is covered in many spiders and I hate spiders. Its black with baller red mags, so imagine that. 10″ wheels bitches! I really want to race the finished product in moped class, scooter class, and twist-and-go. THe only problem is now I need another flat reed motor and swingarm for my variant sport frame. Bummer! I now have an awesome pile of Spanish moped awesomeness in my back yard so I’m super excited.


coolest moped ever?
May 12, 2009, 4:55 am
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so my buddy matt (who rode my dying derbi at the 1st polini cup) has just about finished his amazing new derbi/garelli sslx combo. The bike is amazing, with a flat reed motor, 70cc metrakit, lomat 4 petal, 24 mikuni and a big zen pipe. He’s got nice EBRs and its fitted with derbi spokes. Regardless of all that maybe cool stuff, its an awesomely fabricated and proportioned bike. Its super low and very solid. The front mount is all fabbed up and nicely welded by one of our race car building friends. I dunno, I guess you’ll just have to see it at the polini cup to appreciate it. He says he’s got an amazing seat coming for it, but I dunno, I feel like that will make or break the bike. Heres a photo in its mock-up state, I’ll give more when his seat arrives.

cuperteens race team that stinks at racing because we are newb tuners and kinda crummy riders
May 5, 2009, 1:48 am
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Ok, so polini cup #2 is over, and I’m here to report on the cuperteens.

So yet again, we suck. Matt got his derbi up and running well during the week all to be destroyed 1st practice on saturday. He was going fast, jetting looked good, but upon really opening it up on the front straight, it super seized. It was a 4 corner seize flaking the nikisil on all 4 points. Cylinder death. On sunday he saw that his fuel line was kinked, meaning the float bowl didn’t fill fast enough, so when that mikuni was dumping fuel on the straight, it ran out, leaned out and broke. That was dumb, but won’t happen again, at least that way.

Tom was back out there on his gilarderbi. Round one was tough with a nasty soft seize followed by a crank big end bearing seizure. With a new crank in, his bike was actually quite reliable, but it was slow. The weather was weird this weekend with high humidity and higher temps than we saw last week. Needless to say, he wasn’t jetted correctly, and wasn’t making enough power to fully variate despite changing the weights a few times. I think he finished 19th the 1st race (he fell) and did better the 2nd, but not top 10. So even though it wasn’t awesome, his bike survived some abuse, evoking more confidence in the setup.

We had an extra derbi flatreed variant that sean ended up riding in Matt’s place. It only did 35-maybe 40, but he actually held up well before everyone dusted him on the straight. He didn’t block anyone too bad, so that was good. He had a lot of fun on the track despite being the slowest. Crashes and others not starting meant he wasn’t last place. I don’t know if thats good or not.

Lets pretend tom held onto this one.

justin blasted everyone on magnumx

So it was a fun weekend again, but tons of mopeds. It looked like a rally pack on the track, and seemed unsafe. The fastest 6 or so lapped just about everyone else, so I think we need to lobby polini to split the heats up next time as there will likely be even more bikes. Sure its fun racing with a bunch of people, but I’d hate to see anyone hurt.

I might (hopefulllly!) be out there next month. My derbi is almost back alive. Its had some upgrades, so it should be quite competitive if I can get out there. Look for those updates soonish after a few stupid midterms.

PS, I should add that I do not represent the riding styles or mistakes my friends made on the track. That said, watch out for them, they all went down, and they all get in the way. We should be the “cuperteens race team that stinks at racing because we are newb tuners and kinda crummy riders”.

May Polini Cup
May 2, 2009, 1:49 am
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Its currently friday evening and raining here in Cuperteens Derbiland. Our scouts, Justin and Calvin are currently hanging out in Atwater and are reporting rain rain rain. I guess its supposed to rain tonight, and let off a bit tomorrow and sunday. Nick, sean and I leave tomorrow morning for super hang out session. I’m bringing Magnum X to cruise the pits.

The race team is again just Matt and Tom. Both have derbis, 2 or 3 total, I never really know. Last minute tuning/repairs happens tonight then the love-birds go on the road tomorrow. Hopefully bikes will survive better this time around, I think they will.

Thats all, no real updates, I’m just excited for tomorrow and sunday. We are going to bring our wiffle ball gear, so look forward to playing tomorrow evening.

Cuperteens Derbi Arsenal.
April 3, 2009, 6:12 am
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We are trying to get as many derbis as possible. Our current collection includes:
1980 SLE Red
1979 SL Green
1979 SL Black
1978 TT Green
1980 TT Yellow
1987? SLE Red
+ 3 flat reed motors going on various bikes.

We are working on acquiring a red TT, a Laguna, and a C5. Derbis are sick! Piston port is currently the shit.

upjetting is for losers
March 2, 2009, 7:38 am
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I still haven’t tuned my shit (wind, rain and other obligations), but I decided to get a 24 oko for derbi. I got a bigger intake from benji (24.3mm inner diameter), and the oko and all the jets and stuff. Everything fit right up except the throttle cable, so now I need a new one, and am waiting on that. After riding 3 race bikes (mine, creature jimmy’s and tom’s), I feel like I’m doing well. My bike performed similarly to Jimmy’s decked out peugeot, but both pale in comparison to tom’s derbi. I think the bigger carb and actually tuning the carb and ignition should get mine to pull as hard as his. Front wheel lift is unavoidable if you dump the throttle through turns! Oh yea, new TJT belt seems to have removed any/all variator lag, so now it won’t be scary to ride anymore. I should have it running tuesday or so, basically as soon as the new cable comes. Race practice was cancelled today due to rain. We are hoping to get some track time this week.

Some new parts for the flat reed motor came as well, so I’m getting excited. Benji is the parts master. I sent him a wishlist, and the next day, seemingly reading my mind, what I wanted arrived in treatland. I want a derbi rear wheel for herbi because the 5 star hub may cause some issues with sprocket alignment and tabs have to be added to the swingarm. I’ll update if I get anymore parts or make any progress.

Also, I got my magnum back up and running. I needed a moped running last night, so I’m using my brown frame, ups tank and other goodies, 2 speed polini and more. Its pretty quick now, very fun!