cuperteens race team that stinks at racing because we are newb tuners and kinda crummy riders
May 5, 2009, 1:48 am
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Ok, so polini cup #2 is over, and I’m here to report on the cuperteens.

So yet again, we suck. Matt got his derbi up and running well during the week all to be destroyed 1st practice on saturday. He was going fast, jetting looked good, but upon really opening it up on the front straight, it super seized. It was a 4 corner seize flaking the nikisil on all 4 points. Cylinder death. On sunday he saw that his fuel line was kinked, meaning the float bowl didn’t fill fast enough, so when that mikuni was dumping fuel on the straight, it ran out, leaned out and broke. That was dumb, but won’t happen again, at least that way.

Tom was back out there on his gilarderbi. Round one was tough with a nasty soft seize followed by a crank big end bearing seizure. With a new crank in, his bike was actually quite reliable, but it was slow. The weather was weird this weekend with high humidity and higher temps than we saw last week. Needless to say, he wasn’t jetted correctly, and wasn’t making enough power to fully variate despite changing the weights a few times. I think he finished 19th the 1st race (he fell) and did better the 2nd, but not top 10. So even though it wasn’t awesome, his bike survived some abuse, evoking more confidence in the setup.

We had an extra derbi flatreed variant that sean ended up riding in Matt’s place. It only did 35-maybe 40, but he actually held up well before everyone dusted him on the straight. He didn’t block anyone too bad, so that was good. He had a lot of fun on the track despite being the slowest. Crashes and others not starting meant he wasn’t last place. I don’t know if thats good or not.

Lets pretend tom held onto this one.

justin blasted everyone on magnumx

So it was a fun weekend again, but tons of mopeds. It looked like a rally pack on the track, and seemed unsafe. The fastest 6 or so lapped just about everyone else, so I think we need to lobby polini to split the heats up next time as there will likely be even more bikes. Sure its fun racing with a bunch of people, but I’d hate to see anyone hurt.

I might (hopefulllly!) be out there next month. My derbi is almost back alive. Its had some upgrades, so it should be quite competitive if I can get out there. Look for those updates soonish after a few stupid midterms.

PS, I should add that I do not represent the riding styles or mistakes my friends made on the track. That said, watch out for them, they all went down, and they all get in the way. We should be the “cuperteens race team that stinks at racing because we are newb tuners and kinda crummy riders”.


April 1, 2009, 5:54 am
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High side, now a low side. I went into a corner a bit too fast today and slipped out. This particular U-turn is notorious among cuperteens. I was like the last one not to fall. I broke my brake lever and got some wonderful rug burn on my arm. No biggie, so whatever.

I’ve got some exciting herbi updates coming and I picked up an ugly revival today for dirt cheap. It’ll be running tomorrow!

Derbi-Herbi Updates
February 22, 2009, 5:18 am
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Update day.

So the black magnum has been sold and was delivered yesterday. I also dropped off my tank and fork ears for my next magnum up at Motomatic in sacramento. I’m getting them done in white, the frame is already a brownish gray, and the wheels are going to be black. I’m then going to do some orange stripes on the mags and get some black and orange decals to pull it all together. The airsal and other goodies seen below on the brown magnum will be on it.

I worked all day on derbi today. I had to pull the cases apart to grind away some nubs that the piston was hitting at the bottom of the crank’s rotation. So yea, I got to see all the inards, and its really pretty simple. There are a few gears and a chain, but nothing really exciting. I got the cases back together and the gilardoni bolted up with the metra decomp-head. I got a stock gila intake yesterday (thanks rafter and nate), but I lost it somewhere in my car or something. If I can’t find it I’ll weld something up.

I also bolted on the tjt I got from benji yesterday. Tom was telling me he had all sorts of problems but mine slipped right on and it seems fine. I greased up the rollers as well. I got the TJT pulley spring on, and after hearing a lot about issues with the hobbit version, the tjt is clearly stronger than stock, but not by a whole lot. It should work fine.

Tomorrow I’m going to finish up the motor (electronics which are a disaster) and switch my m29s over to the derbi mags and hopefully get the rest of the bike together and ready to run. I also need to cut and reweld my zen pipe, but that should be pretty easy. This bad boy should be running by next weekend if all goes to plan.

I also got some grande forks (thanks ZachLee!) and they fit perfectly on the hobbit. I also got a rear hub for my 16″ puch five star so thats going to be on the back. I’m going to have to weld up a tab for the break plate and hopefully the gearing will work out alright. I feel like its going to be a bit short, but we’ll see eventually. I need some tires but I’m not sure yet. This bike is going to be butt-ugly with all the different parts to it, but it should be decently fast and hopefully nimble. I was originally worried that the wheelbase was going to be too stretched for the frame, but now I’m worried its going to be short. Herbi is going to be on the back burner while the gilarderbi gets going and tuned, but I’ll be getting everything on herbi ready as I go along.

Step Back
January 12, 2009, 7:10 am
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So 2 blown magneto seals. This sucks, but turns out you don’t use rtv or sealant on seals. Stupid me, now I get to rebuild 2 e50s. Its not that thats hard, its just annoying making a dumb mistake like that then being down both of my motors. Tom was nice enough to lend me his magnum that we hopped up and its ripping. Currently there are 3 magnums in the shed.

Check the seals, no pinch!

I got 1 of 2 frames I decided I wanted today. First up is the hobbit frame, no need for anything else on there. I’ve got some ideas, we will see how they materialize. Look for those updates coming in 1 big chunk later.

I still want a pinto frame, and would love to get a rigid. I’m not sure if I’m ready to pay what they cost (plus tank), but I might. I’m sick of maxi’s and want something different, and way cooler. An orange swinger would be awesome!

I also painted the magnum frame (finally). I might paint the forks, we’ll see. Something needs to happen with the tank as well, either glossy black or repaint the chalk for ultimate awesomeness. I might even do it flat black but that seems a little lame. Ideas?