mopeds :(
October 1, 2009, 3:38 am
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sometimes i hate mopeds because there are too many awesome ones. I get too attached, then I don’t have room/money for other ones. Example. My current bikes are: Chappy, LTD, Derbi Racer, Swinger2, MagnumX, and Vespino. I can never sell Chappy, LTD, or MagnumX. I’m also building a freespirit for the polini cup polini class. But then today I found another bike I really want: Derbi Diablo. So yea, something has to go. I’m guessing the two to leave will be the swinger and vespino but that sucks. So yea, I’m bummed. I want it all but that doesn’t work. Damn conundrum.


Kind-of Limited
March 22, 2009, 5:41 pm
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So I threw my limited tank on thinking it was clean, but its not. Shit clogged my carb really bad and I don’t have the time before LA to properly clean and coat the tank, so it will be a one of a kind-of limited. It running really well, my same polini setup on a za50. 20t front sprocket coming soon for crazy speeds. Maybe you will be passed by this ugly thing at LA. When you see the brightest headlight ever, its this bike. I’m pretty excited cause all my mopeds are running well, and I’m done for rally action so I can just study for finals this week. You are probably jealous.

Limited getting closer
March 11, 2009, 5:54 am
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Everything is painted/ready except the mags. Still searching for paint, hopefully something will be in my possession thursday. I also need some striping. I’ve got everything else except a throttle (I’ve got one to use for the time being) and cable. I need to switch everything over from the brown bike, and re-assemble the za50 and the forks, but its basically all there, should be running this weekend minus the finished wheels. I’m pretty excited, I’ve been waiting a long while to have the limited done.

March 9, 2009, 7:11 am
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I got my tank back from rafter at the 77 raffle part, so that and the fork ears were done in white. Rafter did a great job on it all, and I’m excited to get that bike back together. I still need to rebuild the motor (airsal, etc) and paint the 5 stars, maybe that will get done soon.

First though is getting the Limited up and running. The 2 speed suffered some exploded clutches the other night, so I need to pop in a new 1st speed and it should be fine. I got the forks painted and now all thats left is the wheels and I need a throttle. I just scored a set of my favorite tires, of course the michelin m29s, 2.75×17. Brand new and cheap too! Those will get mounted up once everything is together. My goal is to have most of it done by the end of next weekend, and hopefully running.

Derbi is up and running on the oko, but its still too rich and I need to still get that timing dialed in. We’ll see how much gets done this week with a chem midterm. We might get some track time on friday if everything goes to plan. Chappy will probably be on the chop block this week, I guess we’ll see what kind of interest it generates. I guess polini sold their stock chappy for 1k, so I’m hoping for more. Still need to figure out how we are getting to LA.

January 26, 2009, 4:54 am
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So after waiting like 2 or 3 months, this cobra is finally mine, in my hands and totally awesome. Now I must first admit, I hate cobra’s. They are weird, bulbous, offensive mopeds with horrible design cues. They threw a huge tank on a pinto frame and added a butt ugly seat on the already stock pinto rack. They simply are not attractive. Now all that said, I’m still super stoked. I got what I thought was a good deal for the condition, so again, I’m super excited.

There is about 10 pounds of sawdust covering this thing, but underneath it all is one of the nicest, well preserved original mopeds I’ve seen (not including First Kick Dave’s amazing pink champagne newport). The tank is flawless, perfect paint, like 3 small scratches (it might be 4), awesome decals, a perfect seat, original tool-kit, shiny chrome wheels, bars, racks, and only 470 miles. When we drained the transmission fluid up in Arnold, it came out looking brand new, even though it hasn’t been ridden in years.

The motor has great compression, solid spark, and a clean 14mm bing. Unfortunately, there is some residual ancient gas stinking up the tank. I need to flush it out, then this thing is going to fire up like its brand new. I’m really excited (if you couldn’t tell). I also need to finish cleaning the rims, and dust off the front then just wax it up because I have to, its that nice. More amazing photos will come once its running perfectly later this week. Oh yea, its got an original california blue and yellow plate and registration. Sick!

Also, the other new love of my moped life, a paz’d out za50. It now has my ported polini and proma circuit making for awesome around town riding. Up at last week’s creature ride I was quickest off the line and up to about 30, when Lee overtook me on his racer poopgeout. Sure it only goes 45ish, but its so fun, going to like 25-30 before shifting, shifting on command, downshifting perfectly and everything. so fun!

So yea, you can probably count the 3 magnums in the shed now. The black beauty (4 petal polini, estoril?, powdercoated tank, nos nostalgia rims, etc), the new one from brando, and the other one up on the shelf (soon to be my za50 ltd). I’m going to be selling 2 of them pretty soon, and just keeping the ltd. I’m not sure what will happen with the cobra, but right now I’m going to enjoy my new moped.

Oh yea, I won a flat reed motor for derbi! This has been an exciting week. I’m going to be putting that on my sle frame, I know, mods must be done, then the piston port gilarblowme on the hobbit frame. 2 racers. I need to get rid of some mopeds.

January 7, 2009, 5:57 am
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We had a pretty sweet ride sunday with a total of 20 mopeds. It was us, some mopedheads, so other san jose people are creatures elliot, bella, zachlee and josh. We cruised around up into the hills and stuff and it was exciting. The last part of the ride, through the twisty sidewalk in 7-springs was by far the best followed by sparks and shots at matt’s house. I heard we are doing calaveras next week, another amazing ride.

I rode the magnum and it did ok. I was kind-of leading because I always do, but I was topping out around 55ish but was initially running super lean. I tightened up a head leak and it was better but its still screaming at high rpms. I guess its ok because it survived, but I re-gasketed and sealed the head so that should help some more.

We built a new pipe for it the day before out of an estoril, stock magnum pipe, tecno header and hebo silencer. We de-restricted the estoril, added some tapered header, shortened the original header dramatically, and welded on the shittiest silencer ever. Its actually louder with it on than nothing, fucking annoying. Performance wise, its a huge step over the simonini with a large header and all, but its still not “pulling” like it should. I am going to mess with the ignition timing next. Yesterday I replaced the silencer with the one from my zen (stubby little one) and its WAY quieter. I’ll ultimately clean the welds and paint it black.

Comparing cuperhebo, n8p, simonini:

The newport is still around, apparently no one wants to buy mopeds right now, but I guess $800 is too much. I guess I understand the mentality that a few hundred more gets you a warranty from 77, but I dunno. This bike has been so dependable for me, my brother and his roommate that I really feel its worth the price. I might sell it to my russian friend who needs a new moped to get to school since he moved and no longer has his landlord’s available. The bullet is back on (after testing the n8p which actually performed amazingly, equal low end and really rev’d it out, maybe 40).

I might try to get the cobra this weekend, still chilling in the mountains.

Derbi is progressing, today I case matched it.

I hope to have a 2nd magnum going by sunday. cleaned the ltd tank today, getting the frame ready to paint.

oh yea, I fixed the magnumX today. Benji hooked up the kickstart spring, and after forgetting how to re-assemble, I got it together-puzzle!- and now it works great. The old spring had cracked. Now I just need a choke slide for the 17 bing.

December 11, 2008, 2:39 am
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So today was mostly uneventful, I simply got derbi all torn down for powder and paint. Everything came apart really easy which was nice, and the whole frame wasn’t super grimy like most 30+ year old mopeds. The forks were a little gross, but thats how it goes. So everything is apart and awesome. I’m going to get the frame, swingarm, fork tubes, fork ears, handlebars, and 1 or 2 other things powdercoated while the wheels and a few other bits will just be spray painted to save a little cash. I was really surprised by the weight (or lack there of) of the frame. Its probably half the weight of a maxi frame, yet when riding they feel so solid. I guess thats just quality spanish engineering.

I also redid the gaskets on my magnum today, so for the first time (ever?) I’ve got no leaks! Its running super strong with the proma circuit, maybe does 50 with 14×36 gearing, but it gets there in a hurry. Really fun for around town.

Here is whats coming next.