this weekend
October 12, 2009, 4:34 am
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was pretty rad. I finished midterms, so i headed home for some cupertino debauchery. We hit up a bar, some people blacked out, someone woke up in a closet, we went bowling, justin was a newb “no my stator isn’t spinning. Oh, its loose”, had a smokey bbq, and all more. I tried to jump a curb on magnumx, but instead planted my balls firmly on the tank. not fun.

magnum x is tiny

new toys. a35 is going to go on the swinger. freespirit will be rad for april.


mopeds :(
October 1, 2009, 3:38 am
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sometimes i hate mopeds because there are too many awesome ones. I get too attached, then I don’t have room/money for other ones. Example. My current bikes are: Chappy, LTD, Derbi Racer, Swinger2, MagnumX, and Vespino. I can never sell Chappy, LTD, or MagnumX. I’m also building a freespirit for the polini cup polini class. But then today I found another bike I really want: Derbi Diablo. So yea, something has to go. I’m guessing the two to leave will be the swinger and vespino but that sucks. So yea, I’m bummed. I want it all but that doesn’t work. Damn conundrum.

magnum X(treme)
September 14, 2009, 4:38 am
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I love my magnum x. I rode it like 100 miles this weekend, and it was awesome. Mine has a hero puch 65cc kit, 19 phbgbgbgbg, and super custom pipe that is super racer spec. It does about 45, and accelerates pretty damn well for the little monster it is.

In sadder news, I broke a clutch! This is the first clutch I’ve ever killed (on an e50 at least) so this was a big deal for me. I thought I was above destroyed clutches, but I guess not. Luckily some super nice fellow had some spare shoes, and he even sanded them down and made them pretty and my bike blastered the rest of the weekend.

future magnumX developments to come, such as tires that are decent, maybe better forks, and definately a chain tensioner, and maybe super CDI for all around blast tech. Thats all. To everyone who rode around this weekend, big fun!