maxi 2
July 7, 2009, 8:00 am
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my friend john just got his maxi going a few weeks ago after a blown k-star 50 before that. He had it running great, new DMP kit, cdi and all that, but on the 1st ride we were in the hills and the little screw holding the brake lever in place came out. On the left he pulled the break and got nothing, freaked out, tried to hold it together, but hit the curb and flew between a tree and a rock. I don’t know how he didn’t hit, the slot was just as wide as his body (not wide) and if he hit it at any other angle it would have been bad. Somehow his maxi suffered a super bent swingarm and the forks got tweaked. Upon replacing the swingarm, more stuff was bent, either the frame of the swingarm mount. super bummer!

today we got a new maxi frame and basically complete bike. Its a beautiful red that was once murdered black, half sanded now and faded and really quite nice. we threw it together, and now it rips again! It may be one of the ugliest bikes ever, but that somehow makes it pretty. I took some pictures but my camera decided to spaz out and happily deleted them as I tried to import them. woo-hoo! So now john has a nice new maxi that matches his helmet.

I also had some sweet footy of PT getting some air on magnumX back at the polini cup, so hopefully that isn’t lost forever. Stupid nikon.

Derbi update tomorrow with much more sophisticated canon photo tech.


March 9, 2009, 7:11 am
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I got my tank back from rafter at the 77 raffle part, so that and the fork ears were done in white. Rafter did a great job on it all, and I’m excited to get that bike back together. I still need to rebuild the motor (airsal, etc) and paint the 5 stars, maybe that will get done soon.

First though is getting the Limited up and running. The 2 speed suffered some exploded clutches the other night, so I need to pop in a new 1st speed and it should be fine. I got the forks painted and now all thats left is the wheels and I need a throttle. I just scored a set of my favorite tires, of course the michelin m29s, 2.75×17. Brand new and cheap too! Those will get mounted up once everything is together. My goal is to have most of it done by the end of next weekend, and hopefully running.

Derbi is up and running on the oko, but its still too rich and I need to still get that timing dialed in. We’ll see how much gets done this week with a chem midterm. We might get some track time on friday if everything goes to plan. Chappy will probably be on the chop block this week, I guess we’ll see what kind of interest it generates. I guess polini sold their stock chappy for 1k, so I’m hoping for more. Still need to figure out how we are getting to LA.

December 11, 2008, 2:39 am
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So today was mostly uneventful, I simply got derbi all torn down for powder and paint. Everything came apart really easy which was nice, and the whole frame wasn’t super grimy like most 30+ year old mopeds. The forks were a little gross, but thats how it goes. So everything is apart and awesome. I’m going to get the frame, swingarm, fork tubes, fork ears, handlebars, and 1 or 2 other things powdercoated while the wheels and a few other bits will just be spray painted to save a little cash. I was really surprised by the weight (or lack there of) of the frame. Its probably half the weight of a maxi frame, yet when riding they feel so solid. I guess thats just quality spanish engineering.

I also redid the gaskets on my magnum today, so for the first time (ever?) I’ve got no leaks! Its running super strong with the proma circuit, maybe does 50 with 14×36 gearing, but it gets there in a hurry. Really fun for around town.

Here is whats coming next.

Tear-down and Buildup Prep
December 6, 2008, 1:30 am
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So I started to pull the Derbi apart. The motor had 3 bolts running through it, and there is also attachments for the swingarm that run to the main drive gear and the rear pulley. The motor came off really easy and its pretty dirty. Its going to get a good cleansing before anything happens. I pulled off the stator and I’m going to get new points and a condenser so my spark is in tip top shape. I’ll also be rewiring the bike making it much simpler with running lights and only a kill switch (as required by the rules).

As you can see, the gila cylinder slides right into the derbi bore. The sleeve looks a tiny bit shorted than the stock cylinder, but its pretty close. Regardless, no case boring necessary, only case matching. The decomp from the stock head transferred right over so nothing to worry about there. That will slide right in. I think I am going to have the cut the outer-most 2 fins on the top of the cylinder to clear the frame if I ever want to take the cylinder off with the motor bolted up. I could do without it, but I’d then have to drop the motor every time I needed to remove the cylinder.

You can see the stud spacing is a tad-bit off. Its pretty close, so just a little drill-press action and it will slip right on. This is too easy!

I also started working on the motor for a magnum I will be building up most likely to sell. Its going to be an e50 with a top stuffed crank running a 72cc Airsal cylinder (commonly seen on A55 tomos). The cylinder is great with tons of torque and good top speed as well. I am going to have to re-gap the rings for super blasting, but it should be a 55 MPH bike no problem with that and a Simonini and 21mm phbg. The frame and tank and all is going to be black with red decals. I’ve got some NOS Nostalgia wheels (black rims with red pin-striping. It will be a dark bike, but it should look pretty fresh and very simple. I plan to get the motor done so I can tune it and have it ripping by the time the frame and tank are done.

I port-matched the case to the e50 then sprayed the case and cylinder and intake to blend in with the frame a bit better. The case is a dark gray and the cylinder and intake and clutch cover are a semi-gloss black. All High-temp and durable ceramic paint. Not quite as nice as powder, but its an engine case, so whatever. I ran out of paint so I still gotta finish the cylinder and head. It looks mean like a Metra-80.