2011 Race Prep
November 22, 2010, 11:56 am
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So there has been a fair amount of talk about getting some racing going again down in southern california as well as continuing the series up in the pacific northwest. In turn, I was getting prepared to build a cool 50cc french bike. Matt got me all excited and has started his, but last week I got an email from Tony regarding his radical derbi (1 of 2) that he built with Jimmy and motomatic. Of course I had to pounce, he offered a deal no one can refuse.

Sean and I went up to Sacramento yesterday (forgot my camera, dur!) to get our goodies and I must say I’m super excited. I wish the racing were a bit closer, but with a pretty mellow semester this spring and graduation beyond, its time to race!

I’ll post pictures as we get everything together. The derbi is insane. I can’t even begin to describe how much was done to it. Here is pistol pete riding it in April


boston built diablo

that may not be entirely true, but a few very generous Bostonians are making my diablo build that much better.

KHZ Daniel was very kind and sent some sidecovers my way. Handybikes was only selling the right side cover, so that was no good. I emailed Daniel regarding his spare covers from his amazing diablo build, and he was more than happy to part with them and send them my way.

Old mopedhead Ben, now a boston resident was also very kind in lending to the power supply of my derbi (possibly unknowingly at the time). Some kid bought his red Maxi N with a metra 80 and proceeded to seize it very soon after. Ben thought the cylinder was dead and sent it to me, giving me a shot at its rebirth. I’m pretty confident it will blast again.

So the c5 is slowly coming together with the help from many. I still need to order a few more decals and other misc. bits from Handybikes, and I also need to find somewhere to get the seat reupholstered (as well as flatten out the seat pan). So while its coming together slowly, the project is moving ahead. Seals are in route for the motor, but the crank is still a situation. I’ll figure it all out soon enough.

derbi, attempt 4
August 20, 2009, 2:56 am
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racer renditions:
1-gila, 24 oko, metra bendy pipe. Seized in the canyon in LA, got it running, matt raced it, seized it again.
2-gila, 24 mikuni, metra bendy. seized by matt again.
3-gila, 24 oko, puch cdi, zen. seized racing
4-current build.

so the previous builds all had their own issues. I thought number three was solid, and it ran well, but super noob jetting made me seize it. So yea, now its being done better, maybe not perfect, but better no less.

I wanted to run a metra 80, but those pistons are not available, so I’m going to run my polini instead. New intake, ported the exhaust and transfers a bit more, cleaned up the case matching, milled stock head ghetto polished, and its going to run a 24 mikuni. I got the selettra cdi just cause, so we’ll see what that does. The zen has been re-angled too many times, and it needs to be done once more. Hopefully everything together will equal a sweet blaster. I need to get a piston tomorrow, fix the pipe, and it should basically be good to go after double checking the timing. I don’t know if it will be crazy fast, I doubt it, but it should run well. I just want a shit ton of midrange like tom’s bike so its quick through the turns. I’d like to change clutch springs too, but we’ll see about that later. Paired with amazing brakes, I should be able to get some decent lap times.

check out these sweet bikes:

derbi2 done(ish)
July 19, 2009, 11:35 pm
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so the flat reed is 96% done. Details:

65cc cast iron metrakit
bendy metrakit pipe
boyesen dual stage reeds
19 phbg racer
6 roller vario w/ tjt weights
ds50 ignition and gearing
fresh gazelles
ghetto spray paint, seat, overall. Its a 15-footer

Its not super nice, but it looks slightly less stolen now. Runs ok, needs some tuning, and I'd love a smaller front sprocket for more low end. Its good now, but I don't want to go really fast, just get to speed fast. Not much else to say. This bad boy is coming to berkeley with me. Later on it will get properly blasted and powdercoated, but I couldn't resist a $6 makeover. So I've got about $600 in this thing now, maybe a little less, but not bad considering its potential. I still need to make my kickstand longer and get my pedal cranks back and on.

derbi variant sport
July 15, 2009, 1:42 am
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so it was a sport, now its a mutt with parts from multiple derbis. DS50 motor, sport frame, variant sl forks, fenders and wheels. Ugly yes, one day pretty? Maybe.

This cylinder is awesome. Beautiful port map with all these boosters. It revs up really nice and sounds awesome.

cuperteens race-prep

so while all the other teams seem to be doing all this crazy stuff, we’ve been keeping it pretty low key. I’m just going to accept derbi how it is. I know I could get a lot more out of it with a little porting, but I want to make sure it survives the weekend before I tear into it further. I also would like to mod the clutch more, but can’t afford another broken shoe, so that will also wait. The cdi and zen pipe paired with the disks already make it a fair amount faster than its last appearance in may (in which it earned the 3rd fastest lap time), so maybe it will be alright.

MagnumX is also going to be coming along and has received its own upgrades. 64cc of piston port magic make for some amazing torque. The pipe we made totally limits its top end, but its loud, and pulls pretty well throughout. I’ll probably ride it in at least one practice just for fun.

My brother is upgrading his tomos as I type, polini, 4 petal, etc. Again, won’t be the fastest bike, but it should rip pretty hard.

Justin (blasto) is riding the polini maxi which has a polini kit on it. I think its slow, and his pipe is going to scrape, but it has some amazing throttle response. Tom (broke dan’s arms) I think is just going to be riding speed racer again, but this time better tuned and a tad faster. He has some other builds in the works, but he’s all hush hush and I don’t know whats happening with them. Matt should just be riding his garelli/derbi monster. HPI, zen pipe, 75cc metrakit and a lomat 4 petal with a 24 mikuni makes a super blaster. My bike has more low end, but his mid-range/top end is insane. True blaster steez. No kinked fuel lines this time.

So thats it, no super hobbit/derbi/puch builds or whatever, although I kinda wish we were. I think Tommy and Jimmy should be ripping, but i know choke is working on some stuff too, so we’ll see. Everyone is upgrading and adapting very quickly. I do have leathers and plan to race as long as I’m healthy. I couldn’t walk yesterday, but spent most the day wrenching today, so I should be fine by friday. Either way, I’m super excited for the weekend. A long lost cuperteen returns!

coolest moped ever?
May 12, 2009, 4:55 am
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so my buddy matt (who rode my dying derbi at the 1st polini cup) has just about finished his amazing new derbi/garelli sslx combo. The bike is amazing, with a flat reed motor, 70cc metrakit, lomat 4 petal, 24 mikuni and a big zen pipe. He’s got nice EBRs and its fitted with derbi spokes. Regardless of all that maybe cool stuff, its an awesomely fabricated and proportioned bike. Its super low and very solid. The front mount is all fabbed up and nicely welded by one of our race car building friends. I dunno, I guess you’ll just have to see it at the polini cup to appreciate it. He says he’s got an amazing seat coming for it, but I dunno, I feel like that will make or break the bike. Heres a photo in its mock-up state, I’ll give more when his seat arrives.